Monday, December 29, 2008

Well, it has seemed like an eternity since I had last wrote on my blog concerning College Bowl Pick’em. I would like to apologize to all my fans for my lack in writing over the holiday season, but keep in mind that I have been keeping updated on the bowl series this year and so with that said… Picking up from where I left off last. On December 21st the Trojans of Troy State had cost me 25 freakin’ points by losing 27-30 to Southern Mississippi. Oh well!
Central Michigan lost me 13 points against Florida A&M
Surprise Suprise Norte Dame beat Hawaii which coast me 10 points
North Carolina almost pulled of 6 points for me in the Meineke Bowl but I should have known better then to bet against Pat White
Texas Christian did get me 21 points by beating Boise State
I was getting kinda tired of the WAC losing me all these points and since I really didn’t care about this bowl I changed my vote from Louisiana Tech and by Golly they won so I missed out on another 14 points
Guess who is the Best in San Francisco this year at the Emerald Bowl? I’ll give you two hints #4 and Golden Bears that’s right Javhid Best beat the University of Miami and got Wayne Bass 12 points
It’s funny back in high school I HATED Florida State with a passion! Seriously, I was so sick of hearing about them all the time. But, now… not so much (funny huh) Anyways, the Seminoles got me 17 points by giving Wisconsin a good ole fashion wood shed butt whooping. Wahoo Go Noels! (Side note the Big-10 conference has not yet to produce a winner in this bowl series) (Another side note it’s kinda funny how you can make any stat look more impressive then what it really is.) (Last side note it’s funny because Wisconsin is the only Big-10 school that has played so far.)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

College Bowl Pick'em

College Bowl Pick'em started back in the early 60's with Bud Dudly pictured on the left hand side of Coach Dale Watson. Bud and The Coah both had wives who didn't enjoy their husbands losing Christmas money on College Bowl games, so it was about then that they realized how they could make money on other people gambling on college football. This seemed more reasonable then gambling their own money. (Which they weren’t very good at.) So, thanks to the nagging of their wives they had developed College Bowl Pick’em. And, now you know the rest of the story.
Well to be honest I was real hesitant to join College Bowl Pick’em this year. My reasons are personal and I thank you very much for not prying into my personal life. Let’s just say that last year I didn’t pick who I wanted to win but I picked who I thought would win, and I was going nuts. (For those of you who remember I came in second place last year when in the National Championship Game Brent Cook bet more points for LSU to win then I did and that put him up by two points for the win) This year I just pick who I want to win. Thus, keeping the game I love pure, unlike what Fantasy Football has done for me in the NFL. My team name this year is I just pick who I want to win. Keep in mind sport fans that this year Wayne Bass is not playing to win. I’ve put in this disclaimer because some of my picks do not appear to be the most logical pick, and as far as how many points I’ve awarded for certain games…Don’t worry about it I have a system all right!

In the first round of the Bowls this year I received 33 points by betting on Wake Forest to beat Navy

I was awarded no points for Fresno who is a City not a State losing to Colorado State I bet 27 points on that game.

South Florida had won me 5 points for blowing out FREAKIN’ Memphis 41-14 I should have known better

I wanted to see Mike Stoops win his first Bowl game as the Head Coach at the University Arizona but due to family pressure I changed my 11 point pick to BYU 30 mins. before Kick-off. Close to the same thing happened last year with BYU and UCLA and it turned out good for me then, so I thought why not! Honestly, I really don’t care I would have been happy with either team winning. So, yeah I missed out on 11 points. But, congratulations to the Wildcats winning its first bowl game since 1998.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Slinging Sammy B. Win’s The Heisman

Sam Bradford of Oklahoma is the 5th Sooner to be named the best college athlete in the nation. With Bradford’s Heisman win Oklahoma stay’s in the number two spot for most Heisman Trophy recipients. The number one spot belongs to Norte Dame, Ohio State, and USC with 7 named winners. Sam now ranks with running backs Billy Vessels, Steve Owens, Billy Sims, and is the second quarterback to be named behind2003’s Jason White. Let’s get to know the Heisman Candidates . We’ll start with the runner-up Tim Tebow of Florida. Tim has thrown for 2,515 yards for 28 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. What makes him impressive is the fact that he has rushed for 564 yards and has 12 touchdowns on the ground this has made him a serious candidate this year. Tim’s total yards this year is 3,790 and 40 touchdowns with two interceptions. Finishing number three in the Heisman race is Texas very own Colt McCoy. Colt has thrown for 3,445 yards this year and has had 32 touchdowns with 7 interceptions. Just like how Tim is known for his rushing abilities Colt is no exception with 576 yards on the ground and 10 rushing touchdowns, and that my friends equals out to 4,021 of total . Not a bad season boys but let’s focus our attention on the one who won the award.
Sam has thrown for 4,464 yards adding up 48 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Sam doesn’t have the same rushing stats as the previous two quarterbacks this year but Sam does have 65 rushing yards and 5 Touchdowns on the ground which adds up to a grand total of 4,529 yards and 53 total touchdowns. The Oklahoma Sooners are not only the highest scoring team in the Nation this year but in history by scoring 702 points with 7,307 yards of total offence. Last year Sam set a record for throwing 36 touchdowns. That is more touchdowns than any other freshman in College Football History. If your reading Sam congratulations on the Heisman, and good luck on the third game this season played on a NETURAL FIELD which is in the home state of your opponent.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Mid-Night Ramblings of Wayne Bass II

So, we have to wait a little bit until the Bowls start and I am having a hard time getting to sleep so I thought I would give a small shout out to my College Football Program at Brigham Young University in Idaho. You may know that with the announcement of Ricks College becoming a 4-year University there was also an announcement made about our sports program. THAT IT’S BEEN CUT! Now this is old news people have been complaining about this since June of 2000, so why talk about it now. Because it still sucks that we don’t have real sports in Rexburg! Students at the University are currently forced to attend local high school games which are fun don’t get me wrong, but we’ve already done the High School thing! Some say hey you guys have a fine intracollegiate program. Yeah, on paper I am sure to some it might look cool, but to actually be there it's really boring. The only people who really come are those who feel obligated by their friends who are playing. That’s why you’ll see the brethren at the occasional BYU Football or basketball game but to my relocation none of the brethren or even President Clark or Bednar have been spotted in the stadium to see BYU-I face off to rival BYU-I. Here are some quick stats about The Ricks Athletic Program:
Ø 17 national titles
Ø 61 individual national titles
Ø 100 first-team All-Americans
Ø More than 25 alumni who went on to play Pro. just in the sport of Football alone
Not bad for 72 years of playing sports. I just wanted to state for the record that I have enjoyed my stay in Rexburg, I love this University, but I just feel that I have missed out on a small part of the college experience by not having a team to support. I have heard a lot of reasoning as to why we don’t have sports and I have heard a lot of reasons how we can. One and probably the main reason we don’t have sports is because of the money it takes to support an Intercollegiate Sports Team. I have heard that there are better ways to spend the tithe payer’s money then to offer a scholarship to a Linebacker who can’t even spell his name correctly. (That sounds like an overgeneralization to me) Let’s start off by talking about how Football Scholarships can really help people. Take Phillip Banks for example or more commonly known as Uncle Phil. Uncle Phil grew up on a small farm, and his parents didn’t have money to send young Phillip to school. But, thanks to a Football Scholarship he was able to attend Princeton. Once he receive a first rate education he went on to have a successful career as a Lawyer, and now he’s a Judge. Aside from being a respected citizen Phillip has raised a wonderful family and was even able to take in a misguided youth from the mean streets of Philadelphia with a struggling rap career and help turned his life around. Today, that young man saves the world one Motion Picture at a time. Keep in mind sport fans that it all started with a football scholarship! There are other ways to fund sport programs other then tithing. I mean schools do it all over the nation! Let’s just copy what they do! My sister use to work at the alumni center and she says that a large margin say that once we bring back football then they will open their wallets. I use to drive a Fertilizer Truck and it gave me the opportunity to speak with the “townies” and really get to know them. I feel that the general feeling is that they don’t want the College Students here. Which is understandable there’s a little bit of a generation gap thing going on and all. But, during the course of my sociological research when ever I’d bring up football I could almost detect a small glimpse of a smile that would creep in the corner of their mouth and with a twinkle in their eye they would start reminiscing of the good ole days of Marching Bands, Tailgaters, Foam Fingers, gut busting hot dogs, and hard hitting Safeties. I could feel the walls were starting to come down and for a split second there no such thing as student and townie, for a moment there were just Vikings. But then the clouds would darken and as fast as the smile appeared it would vanish with the mention of the name BEDNAR. But, Elder Bednar is not to blame a lot of people made this decision he was just the face of the decision. I am starting to feel kinda tired and basically the main point I was trying to get around to is that Intracollegiate sports suck! Let’s bring back real football!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Christmas List

I think my wish list for this year is reasonably simple and in no particular order:

I’ll start in the Who Care Bowls with (1) Wake Forest vs. Navy playing in the Eaglebank Bowl. I want…Wake to win simply because ever since I saw the Movie Bryans Song I have had a special place in my heart for the Demon Deacon’s. (2) Colorado St. vs. Fresno St. at the Toilet Bowl I have a cousin at Fresno so I guess go Bulldogs. (3)Memphis vs. South Florida WHAT? I didn’t know they were D-1. (4) BYU vs. Arizona Ya know I am a Mormon and it has been said that this is the Lords University and all, but I don’t think I’d be too apostate if I say that I would like to see Mike Stoops do well, so I am hoping for a Wildcat win in Vegas. (5) Southern Miss vs. Troy State are competing to win the Cereal Bowl. When I was a kid my dad and I were in Alabama and it was the first time I saw a real football stadium up close and it was very impressive for me. I was in high school when I first heard that they bumped up to D-1 and I was excited for them then and I was excited again when they almost beat LSU, and I am excited for them now. I hope they beat Brett Farve’s Alma Matter. (6) Boise State vs. TCU I think that this is a great match-up. I know that 2 years ago both these teams had beat OU but I hold no grudges. I would like to see the Horned Frogs of TCU win this game! (Just refer to my first and third blog.) (7) Hawaii vs. Notre if Norte Dame losses then Charlie Wise might drop down to coach JUCO to Football. So, honestly I am pulling for a Hawaii win even though I think that Norte Dame is going to win . (8) Fla. Atlantic vs. Central Mich, WVU vs. UNC, Miami vs. California, and Northern Ill. vs. La. Tech I don’t care who wins, I probably won’t watch any of these games. (9) Wisconsin vs. Florida State I am pulling for the Big-10 to suck it up, so lets go Noles.

Ok, the Big Kid Bowls (1) The Fiesta Bowl Texas vs. Ohio St. I am not a fan of the Big-10 or Ohio State, and normally I cheer for anyone of the Big-12 to do well, but this year I WANT TO SEE THE WHINNY TEXAS LONGHORNS LOSE AGAIN THIS YEAR! (2) Utah vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. I am not a big fan of Nick Saban, but then again I am not a big fan of Utah either. I think that I am going to pull for Utah to win because then it is one more pull for a playoff. But, then again I don’t really care who wins this game. (3) In the Fed-ex Orange Bowl we have Cincinnati vs. VT. Honestly I think that there are more deserving teams to play in this Bowl, but this is the system that we have to live with and I pick Cincinnati to win simply because OU’s win over this BCS team earlier this year helped the Sooners to the National Championship Game, so GO BEARCATS! (4) 1922 USC won 1981 Penn State won I hope this year Joe Paterno breaks the tie in the 2008 Rose Bowl (Side note Joe Paterno was present all three USC Penn State Bowl Games)

The National Championship Game Of course I want to see Oklahoma over Florida in this game (refer to just about any of my blogs)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's This WBS That Everyone's Been Talking About Lately

There has been a lot of talk about Playoffs, and the problems associated with that. With the BCS role in the BIG-12 this year and all the chaos it has caused, it has gotten the nation in an uproar. More people are tuning in to ESPN to stay updated, blogging, making facebook groups, pulling their money together to fly airplanes over games to let people know that their team won a game earlier in the season. The point is that even though the BCS is flawed IT MAKES MONEY! If we had a better system…like… a playoff then people would get bored with it, it wouldn’t bring in as much money, and so forth. BULL-LO-NEE! Just look at NCAA Basketball, Baseball, or Soccer. Wait don’t look, think, talk or even say anything that rhymes with that word. (I am sorry I accidently brought it up and put it in category of Sports.) Take a look at Table Tennis instead…They have a playoff bracket as well. In the words of Michael Crabtree “Last night I had actually dreamed this”, so nation I need your input. Tell me what you think of this system. We’ll call it The Wayne Bass System or the WBS. And, what we’ll do is split the NCAAF into the west and the east. In the East you’ll have BCS Conferences such as SEC,ACC, and The Big East. In the West you’ll have Big-12 and 10 with the Pac-10. I know already it seems lopsided. We could disband the Big East and pull Boise into the Mountain West and make them a BCS then give the Big-10 to the East. Or, we’ll have the oh I don’t know the Red and Blue sides. In the Blue side the BCS Conferences such as the SEC, ACC, and the Big-10 on the Red we’ll have Big-12, Pac-10, and Big East. Mid-Majors will be as followed: In the East or Blue side will have Mid-America, the Sunbelt, and the Independent conference which will give up Norte Dame to the ACC for Maryland, and will also receive 3 teams from the Mid-America Confernce as well as Louisiana Tech from the WAC. This Independent Conference will be renamed The Podjoe Conference. (In reverence to the man who fixed this BCS Mess) On the West or the Red side we’ll have the WAC, MWC, and Conference USA. Anyways, well have everyone play their conferences like normal with a couple non-conf games at the beginning of the season. Each side will have their conf. champs receive a free enter the playoffs spot except if a team is ranked at least 4 spots above a conf. champ they will get their spot. For example say Oklahoma wins the Big-12, but Texas is just a one loss team and is ranked 5th in the West or Red side, and lets say that BYU has lost 2 games but won their conference and is ranked like 19th Texas would go ahead of BYU and get a playoff spot. Keep in mind that BYU isn’t out of the playoff scene completely, because there will be 12 spots in the first round from each side which is 4 weeks of Divisional Playoffs, and then the Champ from each side play in the National Title. Like I said earlier I need your input tell me what you think. What changes would you make to the WBS?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Be Careful Kiffin!

Lane Kiffin is named the new head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. That’s great! I wish him the best of luck! But, wasn’t he recently fired by a crazy owner for having a crappie season, and then he takes a job from a crazy Athletic Director who fired Phillip Fulmer for having a crappie season. Phillip Fulmer is a freakin' alumni from Tennessee and has served 13 years as a Vols assistant coach before becoming the head football coach. Fulmer who took the reins in 1992 has won two SEC championships, in 1997 and 1998, and a national championship in 1998. The Vols made three other SEC Championship game appearances in 2001, 2004, and in 2007. 2007 THAT’S FREAKIN’ LAST YEAR! LSU just barely beat them. Tennessee was just 7 points away from the National Championship game last year! And, I think just about anyone could have beat Ohio State. (Anyone outside of the BIG-10) Fulmer's winning percentage is among the top in the country for coaches who have over ten years' experience! Keep in mind that Coach Fulmer won the first ever BCS National Championship Game in 1998, and then HE gets fired for having a crappie season? I am just saying watch ya back Kiffin. I know that Lane Kiffin is no slouch. For crying out loud check out his wife! I mean he has to be a stud right? Besides Pete Carroll’s wife use to babysit little Lane back in Fayetteville, Ark, (He'sbeen around the sport for a while.) I like Fulmer and I like Kiffin, and I hate to see either do poorly. But, I don’t want to see Tennessee do well. Do you see my problem? Now, if I understand correctly this is just a year probation thing right? Ok, that would be cool if Lane has a good year and then he chooses to leave for a better program. But, how do you do better than Tennessee?
PS. A cool fun fact that my good friend Chris Berman shared with me is that Lane Kiffin is less than a year older then Tennessee Alumni Payton Manning

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Man Texas Will Try Anything?

So, I have visited a lot of facebook groups which paint the picture of Bob Stoops and his Oklahoma Sooners as being classless. A great example is tonight the Oklahoma Sooners went into Stillwater and beat the 11th ranked Oklahoma State 61-41. What a lot of Texan’s are pissing about is how there were only thirty seconds left in the game and with OU up by 13 points already they gave the ball to Star running back Demarco Murray I mean Chris Brown…Is his name Chris or Curtis…I can’t remember. Anyways, the other OU running back and he went thirty or so yards into the end zone after the previous two carries got him little to no gain. I don’t think that OU should be blamed for OSU not tackling that C. Brown kid when the Sooners were managing the clock. Of the 640 points that the Sooners have scored this year 72 of them have come in the fourth quarter and with 12 games that averages out to about 6 points a game in the fourth quarter. The Oklahoma Sooners points scored in a game average is at 53 points a game and at half time they have scored on average about 40 points or so. Honestly, I think that Texas fans just want to try and do whatever it takes to make themselves appear better then what they are, that they could have the same numbers as OU but they have more class and won’t run up the score. Let me run some stats by you. Of the 527 points Texas has scored this year 115 of them have been scored in the fourth quarter which per game averages out to almost 10 points per 4th quarter. The Classy Texas has scored 7 or less points in the fourth only 5 times. OU has scored 7 or less in the fourth 10 times this year. My favorite part of this whole thing is the noble Texas Longhorns beating Texas A&M 49-9. Keep in mind sport fans that the honorable Texas Longhorns went into the fourth quarter winning 28-3. That’s right they tacked on an extra 21 points in the fourth quarter! WO UNTO THE HIPPICORATTE! I can’t remember who said that but I am sure that he knew what he was talking about!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Am I Being Punked?

So, for those of you who had the privilege to watch the University of Texas make a statement by dominating the 4 and 7 Texas A&M then you also had the opportunity to meet Matt Parks. Matt Parks a student at the University of Texas who made a facebook group called 45-35. Matt also made 45-35 signs to remind the nation watching this gridiron rivalry that Texas had beat OU earlier this season and never mind what has happened since then but REMEMBER that Texas had won earlier this season. Texas fan’s let’s get real! Is it possible that a team can get better as the season goes along, isn’t that the reason for practice? PRACTICE! ARE WE TALKING ABOUT PRACTICE? Yes, because I feel that the University of Oklahoma has gotten better, since that one loss 7 or 8 weeks ago. We see that the Sooners are a better team because of the 65-21 shellacking over Tech. I just think that those of the Lone Star State forget that by scoring a touchdown in the last few minutes of the game to go up by ten is not an all out dominating performance! And, besides I have never heard of a Facebook group persuading the BCS computers.

Kristin Arnold of Texas wrote
since OU and UT are coming down to style points here:OU and Tech....66-28=38, Texas and A&M....49-9=40, 40>38now will the BCS vote this way? prolly not, but again proves how biased voters cant be in the BCS

Honestly? Texas is comparing beating the number two ranked team in the nation, (which happen to beat Texas) to beating a 4-7 team?
I also saw a lot of post about how Bob Stoops and the Sooners run up the score and Mack Brown in Texas plays with class and that is why Texas isn’t winning by 50, 60 points a game.

from espn blog
"I can't sit here and say we believe in sportsmanship and sit there and throw it every snap at the end," Brown said. "And if the difference in 49-9 and 56-9 is going to make the difference, the system is more screwed up than I think it is."

Keep in mind that Oklahoma averages around 40 points by half-time. And, then we have Mack Browns comment about sportsmanship and what not. I remember a couple of years ago Pete Carroll called off the dawgs earlier in the game and because of the point margin USC went from number one to the two spot. For the rest of the season he played the BCS game. It's sad but that is the BCS World in which we now live in. Besides if Bob Stoops was really trying to run up the score technically we could be winning by 80 some odd points. Anyways, the one thing I think we can agree on is that we need to see changes in the NCAA with the BCS

Monday, November 24, 2008

BCS = Beyond Common Sense

In recent times I have been elbow deep in researching articles trying to unravel the mysteries and randomness of this Rubik’s Cube known as the BCS. Brothers and sisters I am here to tell you that my prayers have been answered I have found an on-line article which has explained beautifully the capriciousness and the unpredictability the BCS.

BCS Picture Made Clearer By Pretending Certain Teams Don't Exist

November 20, 2008 NEW YORK—Faced with ongoing criticism of what many believe is a flawed system, representatives from the Bowl Championship Series assured college football fans Wednesday that the NCAA football title picture becomes much less complicated when one simply pretends certain teams do not exist.

"Yes, Boise State and Utah are undefeated, but if there are no such teams as Boise State and Utah, considering them for a national title shot becomes a nonissue," said David Frohnmayer, chair of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee, who acknowledged that many BCS voters already used a limited version of the technique. "Furthermore, if the University of Oklahoma is able to beat Texas Tech this Saturday, we are fully prepared to act as if there is no such institution as the University of Oklahoma, since if there were it would confuse the entire picture unnecessarily. And, as always, no matter what happens with the rest of USC's season, we will pretend that any team that comes between them and a BCS bid is imaginary." Concluded Frohnmayer, "The BCS works."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Mid-Night Ramblings of Wayne Bass

So, I was trying to go to sleep and my mind was caught up in heavy contemplation, and I just wanted to let everyone to know that I honestly have nothing against the Florida Gators. I think that Urban Meyer has a great team. I am sorry I kinda bashed on Tim Tebow I remember his freshman year when he was splitting snaps with Chris Leak and that one time when he jumped in the air did that pump fake thing and then threw a touchdown pass. That was cool! Although, I am not going to lie I was really disappointed when I saw him in an interview and he appeared to me as a prissy boy. (Not what I had imagined from a human battering ram) I guess not everyone can be as manly as Brett Farve. He did set the bar pretty high.
The main point of tonight’s blog is how could they sign another contract with the BCS that will extend this madness until like 2016? ( I think that’s the year.) There has been so much controversy, I will admit that it is better then what we had but it could be better. How is that you may ask? I will sum it up in one word PLAYOFFS. College Football is the only sport that I can think of that doesn’t have a play off to determine a champion. But, the argument is that it will extend the season to long, or the BCS Bowls bring in so much money. Ok if your worried about time then lets cut some of these non-conference games out, and there is a pretty good break between Conference Championship games and Bowl games. If you allow the Top 12 teams into the play offs. Or, you could only allow the conference champs in the play offs and give someone a first round bye. So, the first round of play offs would have six games going, second week three games, third week one game with one team receiving a bye and then a true National Championship game. The season already goes into January what’s one more week if needed? People talk about the money the BCS brings to the schools for scholarship and what not. I GUARAN-DANG-TEE-YA a play off would generate just as much if not more money. The hype for the games would be defiantly intensified, and I just don’t think that money is a viable argument. I agree with what the President Elect said at half time of the Redskin Steelers game, it is time for CHANGE. I don’t know about you but I have THE AUDACITY OF HOPE! And, remember America YES WE CAN!
PS- Remember like three years ago when number one Ohio State and number two Michigan wanted a rematch in the national championship game, and nobody outside of the Big-10 wanted to sit through that game again? If we had a play off then they wouldn’t have been pissing and moaning so much, shoot if they’d just play for the conference championship then they could have had their rematch. Not that it mattered they both lost quite handily their Bowl games. That’s right I am still laughing about it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Sooners won and they won big!

65 to 21 wow what a game! You want to talk about style points for the BCS. HOLY COW! I mean it is impressive that Florida won 70 to 19 over Citadel but the BIG STORY TONIGHT IS THE OKLAHOMA SOONERS! Honestly, to win that big over the number two team in the nation is freakin’ phenomenal. So, now the only way for OU to go to the Big-12 Championship game is to win next week at Stillwater which is never an easy game. I know that Texas had beat OU earlier this season in a real shoot out in Dallas but one thing that I think that the BCS should take into consideration is how Texas was doing before OU had lost their Middle Linebacker Ryan Reynolds. I remember and they weren’t doing that well. I know that a championship team is more then one guy but when the back-up MLB ends up getting moved to another position then you know that was a lucky break for the Longhorns. I remember that game and that Brent Musburger even said it that Texas is now able to have success there in the middle where before they weren’t. And it was then that the Longhorns were able to move the football. Our work horse running back Demarco Murray wasn’t 100% so, I guess what I am trying to say is that if Texas was playing against a healthy Sooners who knows what would have happened. The fact of the matter is that Texas did beat OU earlier this season at their neutral site in Dallas Texas. Remember BCS that Texas Tech had beat Texas by a 6 simple points in the last seconds of the game, and I think that by beating the tar out of the team (TT) that barely beat the team(UT) that scarcely beat us (OU) is a pretty loud statement. For the record I am voting Yes for Proposition Oklahoma Sooners should be ranked above Texas and above the Florida Gators. I am sure that this is the point people are dropping their jaws and saying “what but Florida is doing so well.” (I meant for that part to be read in an annoying, whining voice) Need I remind you that Florida’s one loss came from Ole Miss, granted that it was only by one point and the game could have gone either way but it didn’t and they lost. It’s like as if the nation has closed their eyes to that fact. There is no shame in losing to Texas. Losing to Texas is like losing to…I don’t know… it’s like losing to a really good team. But losing to Ole Miss on your home turf? That’s just embarrassing! I am just saying that the BCS should take into consideration the caliber of the teams that have caused these Big Studs have a one loss season.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Is Kirk Kidding?

Is the University of Florida really the best football team in the nation? I mean it is really fun watching the Gators play this year. They average 44.2 points per game now I am not going to lie that is a lot of points per game. Their 49 to 10 win over Georgia was very impressive, they ran up the score against what was then the number 4th ranked LSU Tigers 51 to 21. So, they are doing really good this year, but are they really the best team in the nation? They do have one upset this year when they lost in a fluke to Ole Miss 31 to 30 and Mississippi is still an unranked team.
Let’s talk about the 6th Trojans of USC. In the past 10 games they have only allowed 77 points to be scored on them. Granted that the Pac-10 isn’t the SEC this year, but never the less the Trojans have been putting up some pretty impressive stats this year. The Trojans have had one upset as well as Florida has. Earlier this season the Oregon State Beavers put the hurt down on USC 27 to 21.
It’s Big-12 time Texas Longhorns have a great team this year and just like the Gators and the Trojans the Longhorns only suffer from one loss. The only difference is that Texas one loss came from a top ten ranked opponent who sit still ranked in the Top Ten. The University of Oklahoma averages 51.4 points per game and 47.2 in the first half. So, it is apparent to me that the Sooners win the game in the first half and then just manage the clock for the remaining last two quarters. But, I am sad to say that OU has the same story they also only have one loss which came from a highly ranked team who is still highly ranked. Texas Tech is undefeated still, but we’ll see what happens after this week of college football. The point of my blog is to simply state that it is really impossible to name who is the best college football team right now.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yawn kind of a boring week of college football

Well there were no in-state rivals, no big upsets, although Troy State from the Sunbelt had a 31-3 lead in the third quarter. Don’t get too excited Les Miles and his Tigers came back in the fourth and won 40-31. Notre Dame beat Navy which sucks because now Charlie Wise and his Fighting Irish are now bowl eligible. Wanna hear something funny? Notre Dame is a French word yet they are the Fighting Irish? Whatever. I was glad that the 19th ranked ACC Florida State lost to unranked Boston College. Speaking of losing to unranked teams, Wake Forest lost to an unranked NC State as well. Which is good because hopefully the Big East and the ACC champs won’t be ranked thus hopefully freeing up BCS Bowls spots for those who really deserve to be there. The Oklahoma State Colorado game was kinda exciting, so that was good. Other than that nothing really worth talking about.

PS. I am going to be really upset if the Pac-10 sends Oregon State and USC to a BCS Bowl and if Ohio State and Penn State send two as well.

Friday, November 14, 2008

08 Heisman Hunt

The 2008 college football season has been an exciting one.  With just a few more weeks of regular season games the pick for the Heisman Trophy is anybody's call.  Leading the race we have WR Michael Crabrtee, QB Graham Harrell, QB Colt McCoy, QB Sam Bradford, and WR Jeremy Maclin.  Lets analyze their numbers, first we'll start with Texas Tech.  Of the Red Raiders who is more valuable the QB or the Receiver?  Graham Harrell has thrown for over 4,000 yards this year, has 36 touchdowns, and has only thrown five interceptions.  Wow!  Of those 4,000 yards over 1,000 of them has gone to Sophomore Wide Out Michael Crabtree.  Of the 36 touchdowns Graham has scored through the air exactly one half of them has been received by Crabtree.  So, who is more valuable Crabtree or Harrell?  For me my pick is well the coin landed on tails  so I  guess I am going with Sr. Graham Harrell.  
Lets head back east to talk about the Longhorns and Colt McCoy.  Colt's numbers through the air isn't as impressive as Harrell's but honestly who's numbers are.  Colt has thrown for 2,800 yards has 28 touchdowns, and he has 7 interceptions.  Not bad!  What makes him a serious Heisman contender is his pass rating of 180.27 and he has some serious wheels.  He has rushed for about 450 yards and has 7 touchdowns on the ground which is just three less than Tim Tebow.
North of the Red River where the real men play football we have the 6-4 Sophomore Sam Bradford of Oklahoma.  Sam had thrown 6 interceptions and has only been sacked 7 times.  He has a passing rating of 189 with over 3,000 yards passing and 38 touchdowns.  Sam is a dangerous weapon when he sets his tent up and camps out there in the pocket.  In my opinion the only reason Colt McCoy is ahead of this young man in the race is the same reason why Texas is ranked above the Sooners.  I am not arguing the BCS ranking I am just a little confused with the Heisman voters thinking. (I mean come on Sam's numbers are so much better then Colt McCoy)
Jeremy Maclin- Who cares?  His less then 1,000 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns is exactly half of Crabtree's touchdowns.  Now, I am not saying that he's not a great athlete because I think he'll do wonders in the Pro's, just like how he's done wonders at Mizzou.  I think he's a top receiver, but has no chance of winning the Heisman this year.  In fact why am I still even talking about him?
So, if the season was to end today my picks would be Graham Harrell (just because of the coin toss) Crabtree, Bradford, then Colt McCoy, and in fifth place I would rank last years winner Tim Tebow (who won by default)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to The Boise Blog

Recent Comment about my Boise Blog:

So how does it make you feel that the bronco's of boise of the "weak sauce" WAC beat your boomer sooners of the mighty Big 12? Yes I know this was two years ago but it is still relivant since they were in the same "weak sauce" conference. Just curious as to how you explain away that?

My Humble Rebuttal:

Ok the point of my Boise State Blog was not to bash on the Broncos, and the only reason I was blogging about it was because of their top ten ranking, and how aside from Oregon (who this year is less then impressive) Boise State has not played anyone worth bragging about. So, honestly who cares if you can run faster then all the slow kids, or who cares if you can go undefeated in the WAC. All I was saying was that Boise State joined the WAC at the right time because now they dont have to play BYU, Utah, TCU, and Tulsa. Imagine if those four teams were in their own conference with the equivalent of the weak sauce WAC teams. The 2006 Fiesta Bowl was brought up and it is true that two years ago David did beat Goliath. Boise State going to the Fiesta Bowl and winning was like the ugly chick getting asked to the prom, and then being crowned queen. (Honestly who'd of thunk it) And the fact that they did beat OU was the greatest thing that happened in Broncos history since the laying of the Blue Turf. Once again the point of my Boise Blog wasnt that Boise cant hang with the big dawgs on occasion like we saw in 06. My point was that the best thing for their program was the formation of the Mountain West.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why is Alabama ranked # 1?

So, ever since the formally number one ranked Texas Longhorns lost to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech the number one spot has NOT gone to the top ten ranked team that beat them!  But, instead it went to The University of Alabama.  Now, I agree Alabama totally deserves to be ranked number one.  I mean Nick Saban has lead his Crimson Tide to an impressive 10 and 0 season thus far in the second toughest conference in the NCDOUBLEA.  (That was meant to come across as a sarcastic tone.)  Now, on paper I will admit that it does look pretty impressive, but lets be honest they have not exactly been playing the toughest teams in the nation.  They did beat Georgia who was ranked number three at the time, but I think that we all can agree that the Bulldogs are not the team that we all once thought that they were going to be.  Speaking of false expectations the number nine ranked Clemson Tigers was a big win at the time.  At the time, it was pretty sweet but since then schools like Maryland, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Florida State have also shared in the honor of beating Clemson.   I don't know if you caught last weeks overtime win against the 15th ranked LSU Tigers led by Red Shirt Freshman Quarterback Jarrett Lee, but this young team went toe to toe with the number one ranked Alabama, and Bama ALMOST LOST!  Texas Tech on the other hand beat quite handily a very impressive top ten ranked Oklahoma State.  I mean BCS lets get real, what logical explanation can be given as to why Alabama is ranked number one.  

Boise State's Big Break

So, I was discussing the triviality of the BCS with Zach Gibson and he told me that I should blog about my thoughts.  I do thank him for his help in starting this blog spot, but I think this might have been his nice way of saying that I should vent my frustrations on-line instead of to him while on his "off-time."  It's cool, but back to the task at hand Boise St. Football and the break of a life time of which they have received.  "The formation of the Mountain West Conference"  also known as the MWC.  Ever since the formation of this new conference in 1999 the WAC conference was stripped of greats such as BYU, Utah, TCU, and we'll even throw in San Diego State (and I have no idea why.) Now, I think it should be noted that the Broncos of Boise didn't join the WAC from the Big Sky Conference until 2001, and since that time they have dominated this weak sauce conference.  So, the point of my blog today is to simply state that those of the smurf-turf should give thanks to the BCS Gods every day of their life for the formation of the Mountain West Conference which has allowed them a cushy schedule which has equalled a top ten ranking this year.  I almost forgot, and I must give them props, but they did venture out and beat the Oregon Ducks of the Crap 10 by 5 points.  

  PS. Who is your pick for this weeks conference nail biter Boise State or The Vandals of Idaho?