Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Christmas List

I think my wish list for this year is reasonably simple and in no particular order:

I’ll start in the Who Care Bowls with (1) Wake Forest vs. Navy playing in the Eaglebank Bowl. I want…Wake to win simply because ever since I saw the Movie Bryans Song I have had a special place in my heart for the Demon Deacon’s. (2) Colorado St. vs. Fresno St. at the Toilet Bowl I have a cousin at Fresno so I guess go Bulldogs. (3)Memphis vs. South Florida WHAT? I didn’t know they were D-1. (4) BYU vs. Arizona Ya know I am a Mormon and it has been said that this is the Lords University and all, but I don’t think I’d be too apostate if I say that I would like to see Mike Stoops do well, so I am hoping for a Wildcat win in Vegas. (5) Southern Miss vs. Troy State are competing to win the Cereal Bowl. When I was a kid my dad and I were in Alabama and it was the first time I saw a real football stadium up close and it was very impressive for me. I was in high school when I first heard that they bumped up to D-1 and I was excited for them then and I was excited again when they almost beat LSU, and I am excited for them now. I hope they beat Brett Farve’s Alma Matter. (6) Boise State vs. TCU I think that this is a great match-up. I know that 2 years ago both these teams had beat OU but I hold no grudges. I would like to see the Horned Frogs of TCU win this game! (Just refer to my first and third blog.) (7) Hawaii vs. Notre if Norte Dame losses then Charlie Wise might drop down to coach JUCO to Football. So, honestly I am pulling for a Hawaii win even though I think that Norte Dame is going to win . (8) Fla. Atlantic vs. Central Mich, WVU vs. UNC, Miami vs. California, and Northern Ill. vs. La. Tech I don’t care who wins, I probably won’t watch any of these games. (9) Wisconsin vs. Florida State I am pulling for the Big-10 to suck it up, so lets go Noles.

Ok, the Big Kid Bowls (1) The Fiesta Bowl Texas vs. Ohio St. I am not a fan of the Big-10 or Ohio State, and normally I cheer for anyone of the Big-12 to do well, but this year I WANT TO SEE THE WHINNY TEXAS LONGHORNS LOSE AGAIN THIS YEAR! (2) Utah vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. I am not a big fan of Nick Saban, but then again I am not a big fan of Utah either. I think that I am going to pull for Utah to win because then it is one more pull for a playoff. But, then again I don’t really care who wins this game. (3) In the Fed-ex Orange Bowl we have Cincinnati vs. VT. Honestly I think that there are more deserving teams to play in this Bowl, but this is the system that we have to live with and I pick Cincinnati to win simply because OU’s win over this BCS team earlier this year helped the Sooners to the National Championship Game, so GO BEARCATS! (4) 1922 USC won 1981 Penn State won I hope this year Joe Paterno breaks the tie in the 2008 Rose Bowl (Side note Joe Paterno was present all three USC Penn State Bowl Games)

The National Championship Game Of course I want to see Oklahoma over Florida in this game (refer to just about any of my blogs)


Q. Patrick Merrill said...

Since my comment isn't a post and doesn't affect whether people think you're blog is boring or not, I'm taking the liberty of making a much longer wish list.

WAKE FOREST vs. NAVY: I didn't care about this game, until Wayne mentioned Brian's Song . . . Go Deacons
COLORADO ST vs. FRESNO ST: Fresno has gained my respect by their willingness to play any team any time in their non-conference schedule. They take a beating sometimes, but for the most part they give the big boys a tough game (even when they lose) Fresno
BYU vs. Arizona: I don't think every Mormon should feel obligated to be a Cougar fan, especially those who grew up in Big 12 or SEC country and have followed bigger and faster teams their entire lives. That being said, I'm a huge supporter of the Y. My parents both went their as did my sister. Lavell Edwards Stadium is the only place I've experienced live Div. I football and my aunt even took me down on the sideline during one game. She also got me a Ty Detmer autographed football for my birthday the year he won the Heisman. GO COUGS!
HAWAII vs. NOTRE DAME: I want Hawaii mostly for the same reasons as Wayne.
BOISE ST. vs. TCU: I like TCU, but having lived in Idaho for 4/5 of my life, I have to show love to my home team.
FLORIDA ST. vs. WISCONSIN: I'd like to see Bobby Bowden string together a few good seasons and retire already.
CALIFORNIA vs. MIAMI: I like Cal in this game. In general I'd like to see the ACC perform poorly in their bowls to boost the cause for a college playoff in a year when their 4-loss conference champion is in a B(C)S bowl.
MISSOURI vs. NORTHWESTERN: I'm not a huge Missouri fan, but after they went into the Big 12 Championship last year as the #1 team in the nation, lost, fell 5 spots to #6 in the Final BCS standings and didn't even go to a BCS bowl, returned some of their star players and started this season in the top 5, then had to play some of the very best teams in the country this year, I feel like they at least deserve to win the Alamo Bowl.
MARYLAND vs. NEVADA: The ACC qualified like 10 teams or something ridiculous like that for bowl games this year, and yet their conference champs lost 4 games. I want Nevada over Maryland for the same reason I want Cal over Miami.
HOLIDAY BOWL- OREGON vs. OKLAHOMA ST: This has the potential to be one of the best matchups this year. Oregon has been dominating their competition the last few weeks and after a rocky start it seems they've figured things out. Ok St.'s only losses this year were to Texas, OU, and Texas Tech. There's less shame in losing to those 3 than in dropping a game you should've won against Ole Miss or Iowa. I don't really care who wins this game, I just hope it goes down to the wire and the 2 teams combine to score at least 70 points.
AIR FORCE vs. HOUSTON: Air Force is in Colorado, Houston is in Texas. I really like to see teams from Texas lose, I feel like it's a slap in the face to some of those obscenely arrogant people I've met from that state.
OREGON ST vs. PITTSBURGH: The worse the Big East fares in bowl games, the worse the BCS looks for automatically qualifying their 13th-ranked conference champion for a big money bowl and maybe we get closer to implementing a playoff.
VANDERBILT vs. Boston College: Boston College is in the ACC and therefore I want them to lose. Vanderbilt never had a winning season with Jay Cutler as their qb, this may go down as their best season in school history.
KANSAS vs. MINNESOTA: I wish ill upon the small 10. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! (I don't even know what that means)
GEORGIA TECH vs. LSU: I don't know if it's fair that GT gets a home game and I do want the ACC to lose MOST of their bowl games, but I'm not an LSU fan either. I probably won't watch this game.
IOWA vs. SOUTH CAROLINA: I don't think either of these teams were ranked in the top 25 this entier year, and yet they get an exclusive time slot on New Year's Day? I don't get it. Once again I'd like the Big 10 to lose most of their bowl games, but I don't want the SEC to win ALL of theirs. Is there anyway both teams can lose?
GEORGIA vs. MICHIGAN ST: I used to not like Georgia at all. Then I found out how their head coach adopted a little boy and a little girl from the Ukraine to add to his family of a wife and 2 sons. The little girl has face deformities and they've done everything to help her lead a normal life. While that doesn't make the BullDawgs my favorite team, I'll definitely cheer for them against teams I don't care about.
NEBRASKA vs. CLEMSON: A few years ago some of my friends started a shuttle service. They purchased a red mini-bus that had Nebraska logos embroidered into the seats and a flashing red letter "N" above the toilet. Also Clemson is in the ACC. GO HUSKERS!
EFFIN A COTTON BOWL: TEXAS TECH vs. OLE MISS: The Red Raider's only loss this season was to OU in Norman where the Sooners are like 59-2 under Bob Stoops or something like that. They beat a Texas team that many people think should be playing for the National Championship and a darn good Oklahoma St. team as well. Who has Ohio State beaten this season? Texas Tech is #7 in the BCS rankings and is easily the best team not playing in a BCS Bowl. Why isn't anyone on ESPN talking about this?
Don't sleep on Ole Miss, they proved they can show up to big games when they marched into "The Swamp" and handed Florida their only loss of the season. But I'm thinking if Texas Tech can go up by 3 scores in the 1st quarter and pull out a win so dominant that it's painful to watch before half-time, then an argument can be made that they should be playing one of the best teams in the country in a playoff and not the 5th best team from the SEC in some lousy exhibition game.
EASTERN CAROLINA vs. KENTUCKY: I don't mind Kentucky, but I like what Skip Holtz has got going on. I'm pulling for the little guy in this one. ECU
CONNECTICUT vs. BUFFALO: Death to the Big East! Plus I have a friend going to dental School at Buffalo.
TULSA vs. BALL ST: Ball State's President is a femnazi who hasn't given the head football coach his own office. Meanwhile the women's basketball coach not only has her own office, she also has a better salary. Affirmative Action is a joke. This is America where we reward people who get off their lazy asses figure out how to be successful.
If they had Pat Summit coaching their lady bball team to the Final Four every year, while their football team produced as many wins this decade as the Duke Blue Devils, then I could understand this. As it stands, they have a pretty good football team that brings in a lot more money than it's a more exciting product. When we start seeing more than 1 dunk a year in women's basketball, then we'll talk.
On the same token, losing this game wouldn't hurt Ball State much now that a perfect season is no longer on the line. Maybe it's because I've been hanging around Wayne and Zach so much, or because I've visited the Grand State of Oklohoma now, but I find myself commonly rooting for the Golden Hurricane.
I'm not sure why this the only game on January 6, after the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange Bowl have all been played, I just hope this is a close game with lots of scoring.

Q. Patrick Merrill said...


Since these bowls do not feature a conference champion nor a top 25 ranked team, they would not be affected by my playoff system proposal. Heck, they might even get better, by landing one of the high profile teams that didn't qualify for the playoffs. Just saying

Q. Patrick Merrill said...

ORANGE BOWL: Neither of these teams belong in a BCS bowl, especially 4-loss Virginia Tech. I hope they win 2-0 on a last minute safety that nobody sees because the entire nation has tuned out of this yawner, proving that Cinci didn't belong in this game either.

ROSE BOWL: Give USC their props. While it does seem like they're waiting for the National Championship game to come back to Pasadena before qualifying for it again, they've dominated their bowl competition the last few years.
The only loss they've had was in a narrow one to Vince Young's Longhorns in one of the greatest games ever. And they did lay the smack down on an undefeated Oklahoma team in the only BCS game they've had to travel for.
The fact that they haven't been able to dominate their conference the way, say, Boise State has with the WAC, leads me to believe that the PAC 10 may be the 3rd best conference in college football. USC has owned every non-conference team they've played the last few years, including Darren McFadden's Arkansas Razorbacks who didn't lose another game that year until the SEC Championship where they were taken down by the Florida Gators who went on to blow away Ohio State in the National Championship game.
Now that I've hyped USC, I think I want Penn St to win this game. For some reason I kinda like JoePa and I love the Nittany Lions uniforms.

SUGAR BOWL: The University of Utah is the closest Div I school to Rexburg. (Utah St. doesn't count until they qualify for a bowl game, or at least have a winning season playing in the WAC)
Also this is the Mountain West's big shot to prove convincingly that they are better than the Big East and ACC and that the BCS is broken.
The Mountain West has 3 teams in the top 20 this year. 4 of the BCS conferences were unable to do this. Most of the juniors and seniors in the MWC were recruited after Utah blew out Pitt in their last BCS bowl and earned additional $ for the entire conference to spend on travel for recruiting and upgrading facilities and equipment. The ACC, PAC 1, Big Least, and Small 10 have received that money for AUTOMATICALLY qualifying AT LEAST one team EVERY YEAR, and they still haven't had the success of the MWC this year! This monopoly needs to be broken up. GO UTES! GO UTES! GO UTES!

and nick saban is kind of a d-bag

Q. Patrick Merrill said...

FIESTA BOWL: I haven't heard any "expert" (even the ESPN analysts who played in the Big 10) give a reason besides high ratings in densely populated Big 10 country for Ohio State to be playing in this game. Sure Ohio State's losses were to good teams, but who did they beat?
Texas Tech's ONE loss was to a better team and they beat the #3 team in the nation! Boise State and Utah could bring as big of a crowd to Arizona as Ohio State, and no one is going to refuse to watch one of those teams play seeing what they both did in their previous BCS appearances.
As much as I want Ohio State to get blown out in this game, I don't want Texas to be the team to do it. If Texas wins big, they'll crown themselves no matter who wins in the National Championship. If Florida beats Oklahoma, Texas will claim that they should be champs since they were the only team that could beat OU. If OU loses then Texas will cry that they were the ones that should've had a shot to play Florida.
While the Longhorns have a legitimate argument, it's over now. They could've punched their ticket to the NC game if they would've taken care of business vs. Texas Tech, a team OKLAHOMA HUNG 60+ PTS. ON! At the same time this controversy adds more fuel to the playoff fire. While I'd prefer the Longhorns to win 3-0 in overtime, a blowout may contribute more to the playoff cause.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: One of the best championship games ever (Bush and Leinart's Trojans vs Young's Titans) has been followed with 2 of the worst.
Thank Goodness Ohio State won't participate this year. The SEC is falling into the same category as the Spurs and Patriots. Teams that I don't really hate, I've just never had a reason to like them and I'd rather see other teams win.
I want Oklahoma to win this game to shut the SEC up for a little while. Also, at certain angles, Sam Bradford looks like my little brother.

wayne bass said...

People think my blog is boring?

Jolayne said...

Seeing as how Quinn deems it appropriate to create a synergy blog of his own off of Wayne's, I deem it appropriate to do the same! I would like to tell you a story of a girl... A girl who knows her stuff.

A couple of days ago, this girl was in class. As the class was ending her fellow classmates were discussing the trivialities of the... to put it in Quinn's terms... B(C)S. FYI, these classmates of hers were all men, one from Texas... His name was Austin, actually. Weird.

Anyways! They were talking about how lame the BCS was and how Oklahoma shouldn't be in the Championship game and how Texas should be. Blah blah blah. So, this is what she heard:

"Texas Tech beat Texas. Texas beat Oklahoma. So, in a round about kind of way Texas Tech beat Oklahoma."

The girl... GIRL... retorted with this comment:

"Well! Texas Tech BARELY beat Texas. Texas BARELY beat Oklahoma. Oklahoma THRASHED Texas Tech. SO In a "round about kind of way" Oklahoma beat Texas."

The boys had nothing else to say.

It... was... AWESOME!

And... that girl was me.

I was mighty proud.

The Emro Family said...

Go Jo! I like your style. Your blog Wayne is how do I put it.... fun to read. I like how you write. Go Sooners!

Q. Patrick Merrill said...

I didn't mean to imply that your blog is boring. What I meant was it was a good thing that you didn't comment on every single bowl game because lots of people would see the length of the post and be turned off by it.
In my comments, I felt like I had something to say about almost every game and somehow shamelessly promote my playoff system through each matchup.
Your blog is awesome, and I'm longwinded. That's all I'm saying.

wayne bass said...

Thanks Quinn Your the man and I'd like to give a shout out to the Emro Family And special thanks to Jolayne Bass for putting Texas fans in their place