Monday, November 30, 2009

Your A Good Man Charlie Weisathon

"He he I wash my back with a rag on a stick" - Charlie Weis.  I am sure he's a good guy... We could at least talk about football if we were stuck together in a cross country road trip.  I remember once I had a dream I was ridding to go to thanksgiving and this girl asked if I had ever heard of John Madden and my response was yeah he's the biggest idiot in football.  I then went on to complain about how annoyed I would get with his commentary during the football game.  Then I spouted off that he wins one Superbowl with the Raiders then and he is deemed a Football God.  The girl in my dream then announced that he is her uncle and will be there for thanksgiving, and I flipped out.  "Holy cow I get to meet John Madden?"  She then said I thought you said he was an idiot and you hate him?  I then told her yeah but he's still John Freakin' Madden!  And, I was super excited to meet him!

So anyways, now that Charlie Weis is fired, I feel well that perhaps we had been too hard on the ole boy.  Na, I am glad that he's out of there.  An article I recently read stated that he has had some NFL Offensive Coordinator positions offered to him.  Plus, the boosters have raised enough money for his 20 Million buyout on his contract, so trust me when I say that he's doing all right.

So, the big question is who will take his place at South Bend, the same place where the last 3 head coaches have been fired.  Well, the two main candidates Bob Stoops and Urban Myers have already announced that they will not be leaving their current school.  And why would they?  They both make a boat load of money and are at a great program.  I know that Bob Stoops is currently the second highest paid NCAA coach and I can't speak for Urban but I have no doubts that he's up there as far as Head Coach cash goes.  Anyways, Notre Dame might be fishing out of their league but they also have made offers to some fish that might actually bite such as Cincinnati's head coach, TCU's head coach, and a couple of others who I can't remember right now.  Anyways, I really have no idea why teams make these decisions right before bowl time.    

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Boise and TCU

So, I was texting with Mr. Thome about Boise State getting one step closer to a BCS Bid with Oklahoma State losing to Oklahoma.  But, you need to keep in mind that if Nebraska can upset Texas in the Big 12 championship then that means that both Nebraska and Texas will go to a BCS Bowl, but that's not all that needs to happen because. 

Both Alabama and Florida will go.  

In the Big 10 we'll have Ohio State and Iowa going.  

In the ACC Georgia Tech will go and Clemson might go if the Tigers win the ACC championship game.  

In the Big East we have Cincinnati going and with the lost of Pittsburgh to West Virginia thus making them both 4 and 2 in conference play which pretty much means that only one representative will be invited to a BCS Bowl.

In the Pacific 10 we currently have the Mighty Ducks leading the flock.  But, if the Beavers of Oregon State win tonight then that means that both teams of Oregon have two losses in conference play.  And, if the conference champ has the same conference record then in theory both teams should play for the Big Bowl.

So, if each BCS Conference sends two representatives then that means that there would be twelve teams going to the 5 major bowls.  Since that can't happen... Here's my projections for the BCS Bowls this year.

Fiesta Bowl: Iowa vs. Clemson (if they win the ACC Championship) then Nebraska (if they win the Big 12) then Boise State (if both of the afore to mentioned teams lose their conference championship game  

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Cincinnati 

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. TCU

Rose Bowl Ohio State vs. Oregon

National Championship: Texas vs. Alabama      

It's funny that in a season which has been well boring yet it still has produced some controversy.  The point of this blog is that its a headache to decide who who is more deserving of a BCS Bowl.  I know that I come from a part of the world which greatly benefits from the current system, but there are still some kinks which need to be worked out.  I know that not everyone would be able to participate in a play off, and some teams will feel they were cheated a shot at the national title, but there would be less whining.  

I understand the arguments against a play off is that it 
1)makes the season too long
2)makes the regular season less intense 
3)creates less money
and can anyone else think of any other reason why a play off wouldn't work  

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Wanna Talk About Tim

So, with the Mighty Tim Tebow and his weak sauces Florida schedule this year it looks like he could be playing for another National Title... Although, its not Florida's fault that the entire NCAA has been boring this year and no team has really knocked my socks off yet... But, that is not what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about Tim Tebow in the Pro's.  How do you think he'll do?  I am thinking not that hot... Let's talk about a couple other College Running Quarterbacks who were destined for NFL Greatness.... These names come to mind: Tommy Frazier (Neb), Scott Frost(Neb), Vince Young(UT), Michael Vick(VT), and coming soon to the list Tim Tebow (Florida).  All of them were expected to be phenomenal once they got to the Pro's...    

Monday, November 9, 2009

Are you kidding me?

HOLY MUTHER OF FLYING TURDS!!!  Are you kidding me?  Just last week Chip Kelly say's he's not going to let Legarret Blount back because he doesn't want to mess up the chemistry of his newly found team.  The Ducks lose one game to Stanford and then the attitude changes to hey you know what everyone deserves a second chance.  PISS ANT!  The entire time this is happening  The NC double A holes are staying firm in their choice to make an example of Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant.   I mean seriously its not like Dez punched a wise guy who mouthed off and then try and fight off his entire team and coaching staff and then go after some antagonizing fans.  Anyways, long story short I AM PISSED! 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I take back anything nice I might have ever said about Landry Jones

MAN I HATE THAT GUY HE IS NOT... Wait a minute... Breath... Relax Wayne... Count Out Loud 3,2,1...1,2,3 What the heck is bothering me?  Landry Jones that's what's freakin' bothering me!  "the leading freshman in TD's" had thrown 0 TD's but he did engineer 3 interceptions and only connected on half of his throws.  Ahhhh! I am so frustrated!  So, to distract me from the OU game I'll talk a little about what has happened today the 7th of November...

First on the list is Iowa... Wow!  I was really looking forward to them having a strong case for not going to the National Championship and showing the BCS that changes need to be made, but now thanks to Northwestern that won't happen.  Which is Ok because for some reason I have always liked Northwestern for some reason so I am happy for their win today...

Oregon... Holy cow I didn't see that happening.  Stanford beat USC back in 07 to keep them out of the National Championship by winning 23 to 24 and then nothing real eventful happened last year with but this year Holy Cow 42 to 51 so I believe that the University of Arizona is now leading the Pac-10 until the Ducks go to play the Wildcats of Arizona.  So, the Ducks can still win the Pac-10 if they beat Az. and Boise State will still have a legitimate argument for going to a BCS Bowl along with TCU.

Michigan and Noter Dame lost also so that's good :)

Cincinnati barley pulled out a win over 4 and 5 Connecticut so umm... yeah... well anyways moving on...

Texas and Florida had some impressive wins over some really good teams...  And, anyways I am still distracted by the OU loss...  

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mr. Jones and Me

Just let the record show that Wayne Bass has been very unimpressed with Mr. Landry Jones this season.  Do I hold this Freshman responsible for Oklahoma's three losses?  Sort of... I mean no one thought that Sam Bradford would have gotten injured that first game and that he would have to step up and take the rains.  I have seen this immature quarterback make some dumb passes for example in the remaining seconds of the Texas game he throws the ball into double coverage thinking that with his arm strength he can throw it through the Texas defender and to his receiver.  Landry was wrong... The ball was intercepted and Freakin' Texas won.  So, perhaps I have been too tough on the ole boy.  I thought of this new line of thinking when I read an article about how Landry Jones is the leading Freshman passer in the nation.

Player                        School         #of TD's
Landry Jones           Oklahoma          17

Spencer Keith          Kent State           11

Dave Shinskie         Boston College    11

Kyle Parker             Clemson               10

B.J. Daniels             South Florida       10

Matt Barkley           USC                         9

Andrew Luck           Stanford                 9

Tate Forcier             Michigan                9

Zac Dysert                Miami (Ohio)        8

Tom Savage              Rutgers                  8  

I mean wow!  Sam Bradford threw for like 36 when he was a Freshman.  I am not trying to compare the two because lets be honest they are not the same quarterback.  Right now Landry is averaging about two touchdowns a game.  With four games left theoretically he should throw another 8 touchdowns for a grand total of 25 which isn't that bad for a newbie.  So, I guess what I am trying to say is that if there isn't anyone else then Landry Jones is all right for now.  There is this kid from Moore, Oklahoma who goes by the name of Kendal Thompson his dad played quarterback at OU and anyways he's going to graduate early so that he can make it to spring football and compete with Mr. Jones for the starting job.  Who knows what's going to happen next year?   

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holy Flying Ducks Batman

Who'd of thunk that the same Ducks of Eugene Oregon who in their season opener lost to Boise State of the WAC would be currently leading the Pac-10 and spanking USC for challenging there Pac-10 dominance!  This is not the same team that I watched on the smurf turf September 3rd.  I mean the Ducks I watched last night were making good exchanges from the center to the quarterback,  they were keeping the ball off of the ground and more importantly out of the other teams hands, and no one punched anyone.  I don't know what Chip Kelly did to those guys to make such a dramatic turn around, but what ever it was keep on doing it.  The USC Oregon game was fun and exciting until the 3rd quarter when the Ducks put on 17 points as opposed to USC 3 and then another 6 points in the fourth and USC remained unable to score closing out the game at 47-20.  WOW!  So, the USC win bumps up Oregon from the 10th spot to number eight right behind Boise then TCU, Cincinnati, Iowa, Alabama, Texas, and Florida.  Which leads me to my next point.

Texas re-claims the number two spot behind Florida.  Florida who is the defending National Champs have been in the number one spot all season long.  Earlier Alabama jumped ahead of Texas due to the strength of schedule and with Texas giving a butt whooping to Oklahoma State last night pushed them above Alabama but I think that it is easily arguable that if were basing BCS rankings off of the strength of schedule and then Florida only has one ranked win this season which Texas has two and Alabama has three.  Of the other 6 ranked teams that are undefeated such as Iowa, Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State also have only one ranked wins under their belt as well.  And, that's why Texas and Alabama are ranked above them.  So, why isn't Florida ranked 3rd right now if we base this off of the strength of schedule?  How much weight does last years bowl game carry in this years rankings?  Remember that Alabama lost handily to Utah in their bowl last year.  On 10/17 Arkansas who's ranked like 50 or so got screwd out of a win in Gainesville Florida with the Gators winning 23-20. (The officials of that game were suspended by the way)  That same week Texas beat 20th ranked Oklahoma 16-13 and Alabama beat 22nd ranked South Carolina 20-6.  Florida retained their number one ranking.

Do you remember a couple years ago when Ohio State beat Michigan in regular season by a field goal and at the end of the season only those of Big-10 Country wanted to see a rematch in the National Championship Game?  Anyways, they were ranked number one and two in the nation and because they didn't have a conference championship game the good people of the Big-10 felt cheated, but the joke was on them because both teams lost their bowl games.  Ha Ha Ha... Anyways, if they played a conference championship game then they could have gotten their re-match but they left it up to the system to determine who was going to be the Conference Champ.  Luckily, in the SEC they play for the Conference Championship.  The Alabama Florida game is going to be the biggest game since the Oregon USC game, and in a sort of way this Conference game is acting like a playoff game, which the winner moves on to the National Championship.  Honestly, do you really think that a playoff won't generate as much excitement as bowl games do?