Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mr. Jones and Me

Just let the record show that Wayne Bass has been very unimpressed with Mr. Landry Jones this season.  Do I hold this Freshman responsible for Oklahoma's three losses?  Sort of... I mean no one thought that Sam Bradford would have gotten injured that first game and that he would have to step up and take the rains.  I have seen this immature quarterback make some dumb passes for example in the remaining seconds of the Texas game he throws the ball into double coverage thinking that with his arm strength he can throw it through the Texas defender and to his receiver.  Landry was wrong... The ball was intercepted and Freakin' Texas won.  So, perhaps I have been too tough on the ole boy.  I thought of this new line of thinking when I read an article about how Landry Jones is the leading Freshman passer in the nation.

Player                        School         #of TD's
Landry Jones           Oklahoma          17

Spencer Keith          Kent State           11

Dave Shinskie         Boston College    11

Kyle Parker             Clemson               10

B.J. Daniels             South Florida       10

Matt Barkley           USC                         9

Andrew Luck           Stanford                 9

Tate Forcier             Michigan                9

Zac Dysert                Miami (Ohio)        8

Tom Savage              Rutgers                  8  

I mean wow!  Sam Bradford threw for like 36 when he was a Freshman.  I am not trying to compare the two because lets be honest they are not the same quarterback.  Right now Landry is averaging about two touchdowns a game.  With four games left theoretically he should throw another 8 touchdowns for a grand total of 25 which isn't that bad for a newbie.  So, I guess what I am trying to say is that if there isn't anyone else then Landry Jones is all right for now.  There is this kid from Moore, Oklahoma who goes by the name of Kendal Thompson his dad played quarterback at OU and anyways he's going to graduate early so that he can make it to spring football and compete with Mr. Jones for the starting job.  Who knows what's going to happen next year?   

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Thome said...

he's looking at you, nah nah he's looking at his one reciever the whole time hence the interceptions....