Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holy Flying Ducks Batman

Who'd of thunk that the same Ducks of Eugene Oregon who in their season opener lost to Boise State of the WAC would be currently leading the Pac-10 and spanking USC for challenging there Pac-10 dominance!  This is not the same team that I watched on the smurf turf September 3rd.  I mean the Ducks I watched last night were making good exchanges from the center to the quarterback,  they were keeping the ball off of the ground and more importantly out of the other teams hands, and no one punched anyone.  I don't know what Chip Kelly did to those guys to make such a dramatic turn around, but what ever it was keep on doing it.  The USC Oregon game was fun and exciting until the 3rd quarter when the Ducks put on 17 points as opposed to USC 3 and then another 6 points in the fourth and USC remained unable to score closing out the game at 47-20.  WOW!  So, the USC win bumps up Oregon from the 10th spot to number eight right behind Boise then TCU, Cincinnati, Iowa, Alabama, Texas, and Florida.  Which leads me to my next point.

Texas re-claims the number two spot behind Florida.  Florida who is the defending National Champs have been in the number one spot all season long.  Earlier Alabama jumped ahead of Texas due to the strength of schedule and with Texas giving a butt whooping to Oklahoma State last night pushed them above Alabama but I think that it is easily arguable that if were basing BCS rankings off of the strength of schedule and then Florida only has one ranked win this season which Texas has two and Alabama has three.  Of the other 6 ranked teams that are undefeated such as Iowa, Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State also have only one ranked wins under their belt as well.  And, that's why Texas and Alabama are ranked above them.  So, why isn't Florida ranked 3rd right now if we base this off of the strength of schedule?  How much weight does last years bowl game carry in this years rankings?  Remember that Alabama lost handily to Utah in their bowl last year.  On 10/17 Arkansas who's ranked like 50 or so got screwd out of a win in Gainesville Florida with the Gators winning 23-20. (The officials of that game were suspended by the way)  That same week Texas beat 20th ranked Oklahoma 16-13 and Alabama beat 22nd ranked South Carolina 20-6.  Florida retained their number one ranking.

Do you remember a couple years ago when Ohio State beat Michigan in regular season by a field goal and at the end of the season only those of Big-10 Country wanted to see a rematch in the National Championship Game?  Anyways, they were ranked number one and two in the nation and because they didn't have a conference championship game the good people of the Big-10 felt cheated, but the joke was on them because both teams lost their bowl games.  Ha Ha Ha... Anyways, if they played a conference championship game then they could have gotten their re-match but they left it up to the system to determine who was going to be the Conference Champ.  Luckily, in the SEC they play for the Conference Championship.  The Alabama Florida game is going to be the biggest game since the Oregon USC game, and in a sort of way this Conference game is acting like a playoff game, which the winner moves on to the National Championship.  Honestly, do you really think that a playoff won't generate as much excitement as bowl games do?       


Quinn the Eskimo said...

Ducks looked good last week. That being said, I don't think USC is as good this year as they have been in previous years. I think losing their power trio of linebackers hurt them more than anyone is admitting, and while Matt Barkley may be a future stud, he's not a heisman contender just yet. I think we assume that they'll be a top 5 team each year because they always have such strong recruiting classes, but I don't think any of their games so far have really proved it.

wayne bass said...

Couldn't agree with you more man, and if I could add one more thing to your comment it would be that here lately its really just been the Pac-1, and that is another reason why we always have such high expectations for USC.

I don't want to take anything away from Pete Carroll because his time at Sol Cal has been dang impressive, but its just like you said their just not as good as they had been in the past.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I thought the same thing about the PAC 10, but it seems like they've consistently taken on the SEC in non-conference play and from what I've seen they've hung with them. I'm not saying I think the PAC-10 is great, I'm just saying I think they're probably every bit as good as the Big 10, Big East, and ACC.
I'm not convinced that the Big 12 and SEC are a whole lot better.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I'm just having a hard time seeing the supremacy of any conference. Sure Florida impressed in the National Championship game last year, but they dominated in all their conference games well beyond what they beat Oklahoma. I think that speaks more to how good the Gators were last year than how good the SEC was.

wayne bass said...

Your right that this year there is a no real dominate conference. Last year Florida lost to Old Miss in the regular season, but other then that and their National Championship game they did dominate conference play.

Last year only Alabama and South Carolina lost in the SEC and Florida, Georgia, Old Miss, Vandy,LSU, and Kentucky all won their bowl games

This year with Florida going undefeated but still 3 of their conference win's this year were within 10 points, and Arkansas only lost by 3 points which the officials of that game were suspended. And, of all of their win's only one was ranked in the top 25. So, the top SEC team that really isn't dominating teams... I would say tho that top to bottom Alabama and Texas are the strongest teams in the NCAA right now.

Mark Ingram has my vote for the Heisman. It's pretty late and I am not sure where I am going with this.