Monday, November 30, 2009

Your A Good Man Charlie Weisathon

"He he I wash my back with a rag on a stick" - Charlie Weis.  I am sure he's a good guy... We could at least talk about football if we were stuck together in a cross country road trip.  I remember once I had a dream I was ridding to go to thanksgiving and this girl asked if I had ever heard of John Madden and my response was yeah he's the biggest idiot in football.  I then went on to complain about how annoyed I would get with his commentary during the football game.  Then I spouted off that he wins one Superbowl with the Raiders then and he is deemed a Football God.  The girl in my dream then announced that he is her uncle and will be there for thanksgiving, and I flipped out.  "Holy cow I get to meet John Madden?"  She then said I thought you said he was an idiot and you hate him?  I then told her yeah but he's still John Freakin' Madden!  And, I was super excited to meet him!

So anyways, now that Charlie Weis is fired, I feel well that perhaps we had been too hard on the ole boy.  Na, I am glad that he's out of there.  An article I recently read stated that he has had some NFL Offensive Coordinator positions offered to him.  Plus, the boosters have raised enough money for his 20 Million buyout on his contract, so trust me when I say that he's doing all right.

So, the big question is who will take his place at South Bend, the same place where the last 3 head coaches have been fired.  Well, the two main candidates Bob Stoops and Urban Myers have already announced that they will not be leaving their current school.  And why would they?  They both make a boat load of money and are at a great program.  I know that Bob Stoops is currently the second highest paid NCAA coach and I can't speak for Urban but I have no doubts that he's up there as far as Head Coach cash goes.  Anyways, Notre Dame might be fishing out of their league but they also have made offers to some fish that might actually bite such as Cincinnati's head coach, TCU's head coach, and a couple of others who I can't remember right now.  Anyways, I really have no idea why teams make these decisions right before bowl time.    

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