Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Pac and The Big Freakin' 10ish

So, to be honest when I first heard that these struggling BCS Conferences were sticking their noses around the Big XII hoping to revive the competition level in their conferences, I was a little more then irritated. But, when Nebraska commits to the Big 10 and Colorado goes to the Pac 10 I WAS PISSED! So, now the Big XII now has two openings in their north division.

What's going to happen will BYU and Utah replace them? Will Missouri be offered a spot in the Big 10 as many have predicted? If that happens who will replace them in the Big XII? Boise State? TCU? To be honest Noter Dame will probably join the Big 10 with the promise of Big TV Money and the Tigers of Missouri will probably not be invited, because ND doesn't want to share more of that afore mentioned Big TV Money. Honestly I would rather have ND instead of Missouri in my conference, and if it takes screwing Missouri to get ND in the Big 10 then so be it.

With Colorado going to the Pac 10 will OU, Ok State, Texas, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M follow and make it the Pac 16? If that happens then there will be an odd number of Automatic Qualifying Conferences thus messing up the BCS Bowls already in place. So, if the Oklahoma and Texas schools go to the Pacific 10 Conference then I think it's obvious the Mountain West will become an Automatic Qualifying Conference. They would probably have to drop a couple of the crappy schools and add the two Kansas Schools, Boise State, and maybe Missouri if they haven't already joined the Big 10.

All that I really do know is that this SUX! I hate Nebraska for leaving the Big 12 and Colorado piss on you too! What ever happens with the two Oklahoma and Texas schools. They will still be ok. I've been saying for a while how I hate that they don't play for the conference championship... We'll I guess those poaching conferences will finally have a conference championship game to play. Anyways, I'm not very pleased....What do you think? Should the Oklahoma and Texas schools move and kill the BIG XII, or should they take the two Utah schools?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The NFL Draft Thoughts of Wayne Bass

So, I thought about writing about how Sam Bradford is going to St. Louis and with a great RB in S.J. the Ram's might start winning some games. But, the reason I started this blog was so that I could vent my frustrations concerning the NCAA.

With that said, let me share what's currently buggin' Wayne Bass!  The fact that they are they holding the NFL Draft on a Thursday night?

I've heard people say that more are going to be able to watch, but I don't think so.  I don't think that this is going to bring in any more viewers then normal.

I am interested in hearing what you have to say about it. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Tebow and No Other Talk of the Combine Athletes Makes Wayne Bass a Dull Boy!

So, I was recently talking with a Mr. Thome Widdison about Tim Tebows new throwing style. My question is who really cares how Jacksonsville's new Outside Linebacker, possibility full back or tightend is learning how to throw a football?  I don't want to hear about it anymore.  He still has a windmill motion like he's winding up, only the motion is now smaller and his release is supposedly quicker.

So, why is this kid getting so much attention?  Because, he's competition Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford is out... So, it looks like once again Tim Tebow slides into the spotlight.  The first time was when Dennis Dixon got hurt and then Timmy slid into first place in the heisman run.

I am sure that Tim's Faggy Fan base will try and rub in the fact that he's won two National Championships.  The first time against Ohio State it was more of the Chris Leak Show, and the second time when Tim was a starter Oklahoma had Gerald McCoy injured, OU's 3 string middle linbacker who was a freshman starting in his second game, an all-american offensive line man got injured during the Big 12 Championship, and a 1,000 yard rusher Demarco Murray was out.

The main point that I want to make is that Tim Tebow is a talented athlete but he's not a great quarterback, and just like many other running quarterbacks in the NCAA he will fade away QUICKLY in the Pro's!  So, I wish espn.go and SC would stop spending so much time talking about Tim Tebow.  I am so sick of hearing about Tim Tebow.  If I hear the name Tim Tebow one more time I am going to flip out!

It's almost bugging me as much as hearing the name of Tiger Woods!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Man, Every Time I See His Smiling Mug He Reminds Me of an Older Version of Malcolm in the Middle

Who do I think is going to win the Heisman this year?  I think it's going to be Colt McCoy... Colt's name has been thrown around the Heisman rumors for a couple of years now, which is more then anyone else can say who's a finalist.  But, in Colt's defense he has thrown for about 3,500 yards and is the second leading rusher on the Texas team.  But, I think that name recognition will win it for him... And the fact that his Longhorn team has gone undefeated.  Mark Ingram has been essential to the Crimson Tide this year and they are also undefeated.  That big Defensive Tackle out of Nebraska has one stellar case with 12 sacks on the season, but lets be honest he plays defense.  Now that running back out of Stanford Toby Gerhart has got some serious wheels, and he's Caucasian-American!  Toby Gerhart has rushed for more yards then Mark Ingram (1542 yds and 15 TD's) vs Gerharts (1,736 and 26 TD's) but I don't think that anyone will argue when I say that Bama has played a tougher Defenses this year!  But, at the end of the day I do think it's going to be that Texas kid.     

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am going to be extremely disappointed if I don't get to read your cheat sheet Quinn

So ESPN just listed the Bowls for this year and as always me and the boys will be playing College Bowl Pick'em and here is my list. And, keep in mind that I am doing the same thing I did last year and just pick who I want to win instead of picking for the most part who I think will win.

USC over Boston College in the Emerald Bowl (I don't really care so I think the Trojans will win) Dec. 26th

Penn State over LSU the Capital One Bowl (I like Joe Pa' way the heck better then Less Miles) Jan 1

Miami over Wisconsin in the Champs Sports Bowl (I really don't care both conferences need a bowl win) Dec 29 

Ok State over Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl (I like Ole Miss and Houston Nutt but I got to be true to the Cowboy's) Jan 2

Pittsburg over North Carolina in the Meineke Bowl (Another Bowl I don't care about but I think Pitt will win) Dec 26

Oklahoma over Stanford in the Sun Bowl(Do I really need to explain?) Dec. 31 

South Carolina over UConn in the Bowl (I like Steve Surrier) Jan 2

Tennessee over V.T. in the Chick-fl-A Bowl (I like Lane Kiffin and I think the Vols have the better team) Dec 31

Nebraska over Arizona in the Holiday Bowl (I like Mike Stoops and I wish him all the success in the world but I will always root for the BIG 12 over the Pac-10 any day of the week) Dec. 30

Northwestern over Auburn in the Outback Bowl (For some reason I think that Northwestern is like my favorite team in the Big-10, I think Auburn has the better chance of winning so I think I'll only wager very little points on this game) Jan 1

Iowa State over Minnesota in the Insight Bowl (I think both programs are in need of some help but once again lets go Big 12) No date announced yet of when

Arkansas over East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl ( I live like just a little over half an hour from Fayetteville and my Stake Center is just with in a 5 to 10 min. drive to Hog Heaven...So, yeah I am pulling for a Razorback win)Jan. 2

Texas A&M over Georgia in the Independence Bowl (Once again this is a game that I am going to wager very little amount of points on.  Although, next year I think that A&M will be a force to be reckoned with, but right now I would say its pretty evenly matched up game) Dec. 28

Air Force over Houston in the Armed Forces Bowl (If I was to unite myself to the armed forces it would hands down be the Air Force so there for I will cheer for them) Didn't say when?

Rutgers over UCF in the St. Petersburg Bowl (I don't know why this is just what the spirit indicated to me)

Clemson over Kentucky in the Music City Bowl (I just think that Clemson has the better team) Dec. 27

Southern Miss over Middle Tennessee in the New Orleans Bowl (The coin landed on tails) didn't say when?

Troy over Central Michigan in the GMAC Bowl (When I was a kid I was on the truck with my dad and I think it was the first time I had saw a real college football stadium and I met a couple of players in the town, so ever since I have been a closet fan of Troy) Jan 6

Either Army or UCLA over Temple in the Eagle Bank Bowl (Years of playing College Bowl Pick'em has taught me that you always go against Temple)

Idaho over Bowling Green in the Humanitarian Bowl (That darn coin keeps landing on Tails) Dec. 30

BYU over Oregon State in the Las Vegas Bowl (I am a Mormon so yeah...)Dec 22


TCU over Boise State (TCU was just one Texas point away from a possible National Championship, so Boise fan's should feel great about the matchup. [Because they are playing one of the best teams in the nation] Before it was a win win for Boise State because if they lost then who cares they were the underdog anyways, but if they win then it give more strength to their argument that they can role with anyone.  They still can boast with a TCU win but they would be unable to play the we were the underdog card if they lose. I think this is a great match up and I really don't think that Boise State Fan's should feel gypped about this match up)Jan 4   

Cincinnati over Florida in the Sugar Bowl (I just like seeing Tim Tebow losing)Jan. 1

Ohio State over Oregon (I think both are good teams but I think the Buckeyes have the edge over the Ducks)Jan 1

Iowa over Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl (I really think that the Hawkeyes are legit this year)Jan 5


Texas over Alabama (refer to my last blog that I posted titled Its the End of the Season as We Know It)Jan 7

It's the end of the season as we know it and I feel fine

Alabama did it!  And, they did it handily.  Holly Cow! 13 to 32 that is mad crazy!  That's what happens when Florida plays a crappy schedule, the second they play a real contender they fold up like a tin chair after an LDS potluck.  Seriously, the only ranked win this year came from LSU and they only won by 10.  Alabama on the other hand has had the most impressive schedule in the NCAA by beating 5 top ranked teams.   

We'll now I am perplexed about who I want to win the National Championship?  If Bama wins then they will have 8 National Championship wins.  And, that will put them one above Oklahoma who they are currently tied with for most National Titles since WWI.  But, if Texas wins then that would put us in a three way tie at 7.  And, Wayne Bass doesn't want Oklahoma to share anything with Texas... It's bad enough that Oklahoma has to share with Alabama. 

Anyways, I am glad that Tim Tebow isn't going to the National Championship game.  I was talking to Brent Cook earlier today and he made some great points.  1 Tim has only won one National Championship (In 2006 Chris Leak was the starting QB) 2. He only won the Heisman once which therefore means that Tim was just a great football player, instead of being crowned the greatest. 

So, it looks like Boise State fans will be getting their wish in obtaining a BCS Bid and they will face off with Iowa at the Fiesta Bowl

Rose of course we all know is Ohio State and The Mighty Ducks

Orange is Florida and Cincinnati (GO BEARCATS!!)

Sugar Bowl we got TCU and G.T.

Stay tuned next week for the only game being played the Army Navy game.  I really think that the game has lost its luster outside of the military realms.  But, seeing how its the only one played next week it would cool for traditions sake to watch.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bob Stoops to South Bend?

So, I have all but dismissed the notion that Bob Stoops would be leaving the Sooner State for Notre Dame, I have dismissed this because he said he would be back next year... Bob has always been very straight forward with the media in the past.  I think ever since Nick Saben I have hated it when coaches say they aren't leaving and then next week they leave.  It irritated me when Rich Rodrigzous did that same thing when he left West Virginia for Michigan, or Less Miles when he said that he wasn't leaving OSU for LSU and then he did.  So, how am I going to feel if Bob Stoops leaves after he straight out said that he is not leaving Oklahoma for Notre Dame?

A- I feel that it would serve those band wagon fans right who have been ripping on my boy Bob.  Have they forgotten what life in Oklahoma was like before he arrived?

B- I would feel a bit betrayed seeing how he said that he would stay and then left.  But, I would justify anything that guy does...

So, why am I thinking that this might be a possibility?  Well, I get e-mails called The Bleacher Report which keeps me updated on College Football and under the rumor section this guy writes an article stating that Bob Stoops has already signed a contract with ND and on Friday he will make the announcement.  

The only problem is that anyone can write an article on The Bleacher Report (it is no where near peered reviewed)... I have written a freakin' article that went out via e-mail to subscribers.  Here are the Pro's and Con's from Bob Stoops perspective.  


He's Catholic 
He's great at bringing stud programs back to being National Power Houses
He grew up in Iowa and Indiana is closer then Oklahoma is   
Under appreciated by a portion of Oklahoma sports writers and fair weather fans


His kids are at that age where moving is odd
His wife is a heavy hitter in the Mary Kay there in Oklahoma
He is the second highest paid coach in NCAA (before bonuses) 
ND expects to win just as much as Oklahoma
ND has fired the last 3 head coaches
It's not Oklahoma!

So, in closing I have no idea who this guy is who wrote this article that I read, but he say's that his brother is somebody important at Notre Dame, and that is where he got his information.  I still don't think that he is a very creditable source but non the less he claims that Bob Stoops will make his announcement that he's leaving on Friday or maybe Monday. 

PS. Keep in mind that no where else has this information about The Bob Move leaked out.  Just on Bleacher Report which as previously stated its like the Wikipedia of college football (anyone can be an expert!)  I can write just about anything football related and it will go through.