Monday, June 22, 2009


You may remember Greg Paulus as a three year starting point guard at POWERHOUSE Duke.  The  6"1" baller will not be drafted into the NBA, but instead will go to one of Duke's basketball rivals and play some Quarterback for Syracuse.  

When I first heard about this kid's ability to play football I was SUPER IMPRESSED!  I mean to be named Gator-Aid's Player of the Year, to have a 42-3 record as a starting quarterback in high school and to finish his Sr. year at 13-0, and then decide not to accept scholarships to play basically anywhere he wanted to go, but instead he decides to go to one of the most prestigious basketball programs in the nation and kick it with guys like Coach K that is how sport legends are born.

Here are some other names of athletes who played in multiple sports:

1) Of course everyone remembers Bo Jackson!  Bo knows football, Bo knows baseball... and Cooking?  Bo don't know that!  This stud running back for the Raiders also played Left Field  and DH for the Royals, White Sox, and the Angles.  (Quick side note do you remember the Big Hurt #35 Frank Thomas?  Yeah, he was also the starting Full Back at Auburn  blocking for yep you guessed it the running back Bo Jackson.)

2) Prime Time Neon Deion Sanders!  So Deion what's it gonna be offense or defense? Both! football or baseball? Both!  The Niners or the Cowboy's? Both!  Prime Time himself is the first athlete to start a professional football game and be in the starting line-up for a professional baseball game all in the same week. 

3)Michael Jordan? Yeah remember that one year when everyone found out about his gambling habits?  Yeah the basketball commissioner kept it quiet because of Jordan's ability  to market the NBA world wide.  Many assume this was a year suspension cleverly covered up by a sudden desire to play baseball.  They even made a movie to show how much his dad loved baseball.  Remember that little blurp at the beginning of Space Jam?

4)Lebron James was heavily recruited to play wide receiver for the Vols, so who knows perhaps some day he will strap on the shoulder pads again.

Ok I am way off the topic now back to Gregory.  What a stud!  We'll see if he can win a starting position for the Big Orange.  Coach Marrone hasn't made any promises of Paulus's chance to start but with Syracuse passing yards per game being ranked dead last in Division I schools and in passing yards per attempt also ranking in last place I don't think they are too picky on who they get to throw the ball.   

Thursday, June 18, 2009

MY LETTER TO THE SCROLL (What do you think?)

I think football in it's pure unadulterated form is the greatest thing since peanut-butter meeting jelly.  I have played flag football in the BYU-Idaho rec sports program for most of my time here at school.  It's a lot of fun, and I have made a lot of friends playing.  If I had to do college all over again I would defiantly play flag football again, like I said its been a lot of fun.  I just feel that there needs to be two major changes with the program.  

The first change is with the referee's.  The referees are so inconsistent from week to week, one will say you can or you can't do this particular thing and the next week another official will say something contradictory, and we as participance are expected  to adjust with out questioning the wisdom of the referee.  Keep in mind how hard that is sometimes with some ref's not all but some have this Napoleon Complex where we have to bow down to and be chill with them and take what they say as the gospel truth.  

I have tried to help avoid this confusion by bringing a laminated copy of the rules which we can review on-line.  More then one time even though I had highlighted main points that are apparently vague and not direct the referee has told me that their superior has told them something different.  I have requested that the referee's all meet together on a regular basics so that the rules can be correlated and everyone can be on the same page, but I was informed that they all ready do that.  (So, why in the world is there so much confusion on the field?)  

My second complaint is the fact that they have taken athleticism out of an athletic event!  Seriously, when I first started playing the line-men could block with elbows locked out where the arms are strait, or the hands had to be close into the body.  There could be no going back and forth like in a pushing motion and you know what I am cool with that!  Over time they have changed it to where you can't use your hands to block just your body, now they tell us that we can make zero contact with the opponent wither on offense or defense.  So, imagine having to block using a magical force field around you to keep the  guy on defense from getting to your quarterback.  Oh and I almost forgot when a defender does hit you and you fall the referee will tell you not to insult his intelligence by “flopping.”  WHAT! It doesn't matter if I flopped or not the fact of the matter is that he broke my magical force field and made contact with me when this is not a contact sport!  

Something else that irritates me to no end is how they misinterpret the no hurdling rule.  As outlined in the on-line rule book for player, (perhaps there is another rule book for the ref's), but the one that we read states that jumping over a player who has both feet planted on the ground is illegal, so therefore according to some officials this includes any type of jump, skip, or hop out of the way of a would be flag getter.  We can't stiff arm or swat their hand out of the way and now we can't do the smallest hop to the left while in the pocket to avoid losing our flag.  As previously stated they are taking athleticism out of this athletic event which I love.  

Brigham Young is reported to have said that the greatest fear he had was that members of the Church would take what he said as the mind and will of God without first praying and obtaining a witness of the same for themselves.  We did the same things a missionaries we never wanted people to just say oh ok if that is the way then I will just go with the crowed.  No, we challenged them to question everything taught to them research, ponder, and prey.  Now I understand that our Heavenly Father has more pressing issues then Flag Football, but the point that I am trying to make is that it is Ok no wait it's expected to challenge the norm, to ask questions, to want to make changes when we feel that something is wrong!  

Brother's and Sisters there needs to be some changes made and the time is now!  I invite everyone everywhere within the sound of my pen to pick up a writing utensil of your own write into the REC Sports Program to let your voice be heard about problems you see within the program.  This is the only way to  make any changes.  Let it be known that the Officials are separate from REC Sports, but if we let the REC know then they will make things happen! 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Arm Chair Quarterbacks are BACK!

     What has two thumbs and can't wait for college football to start?  This guy!  (You can't see but both my thumbs were pointing at me.)  Anyways, I can't wait seriously I am super excited!  Some notable games to look for in the first week of September is...Oklahoma vs. BYU, Oregon vs Boise State,  Missouri vs Illinois, and Georgia vs Oklahoma State! 

     I'll start off with my favorite game BYU vs Oklahoma this game will be played at a neutral site in Texas and will be televised on ESPN.  I know that my friends with in the Rocky Mountain Range know that I am pulling for a Sooner win and my gentile friends in the Sooner State probably assume that I am going to be cheering for the for the Stormin' Mormons but at the risk of sounding apostate I think that Max Hall will fold like a beach chair in a rain storm just like he did any time the Cougars played any team that was worth a dime!  Honestly, look at his stats against the U and against TCU and compare that to lets say Wyoming or UNLV.  He can't handle the pressure!  But, who knows he is a year older now and I guess we'll see...NO WAIT I am sticking with what I originally said LONG LIVE THE SOONERS!!!

     BIG GAME IN THE BIG CONFERENCES Missouri vs Illinois are to play at 2:30 on the 5th in St. Louis.  The Tigers are not the same team as they were last year, but we'll see how Mizzuo can do with out their "OVERRATED" Quarterback Chase Daniels, and go to wide out Jeremy Maclin.  Keep in mind that the fighting Illini still have Juice Williams at QB and the explosive receiving corps and returning a stud running back committee.  Shoot I think they might even beat Ohio State this year.  (Just kidding for the exception of Michigan and Joe Paterno I don't think that anyone can beat the Buckeyes with in the BIG TEN)  

     Oregon and Boise State actually this game is to be played on Thursday the 3rd which is good because then they don't have to compete with anyone for attention that day.  Last year those of the Smurf Turf beat the mighty Ducks 37 to 32 in Eugene Or.  But to honest Oregon was having Quarterback issues at the beginning of the season so this could prove to be a very exciting game to watch.

      At the same time as the Missouri Illinois game on ESPN will be the Cowboys of Oklahoma State and the Bigdawgs of Georgia on ABC.  I know that this sports fan will be flipping between the games this Saturday afternoon.  Does anyone recognize the name Kendall Hunter?  I'll give you a hint he was the leading rusher in the BIG 12 and he is fast, really fast.  Dez Bryant is a stud and did you know that Zac Robinson can throw for over 3,000 yards and run a 4.5 forty.  Georgia on the other hand will be missing what is that Quarterbacks name I think Matt Stafford...yeah he will be gone and do you remember Knowshon Moren yeah he's gone too.

     In closing it is going to be a rad week of play and I encourage everyone ever where to load up on chips and root beer claim your spot on the couch and enjoy the opening week of COLLEGE FOOTBALL!