Monday, June 15, 2009

Arm Chair Quarterbacks are BACK!

     What has two thumbs and can't wait for college football to start?  This guy!  (You can't see but both my thumbs were pointing at me.)  Anyways, I can't wait seriously I am super excited!  Some notable games to look for in the first week of September is...Oklahoma vs. BYU, Oregon vs Boise State,  Missouri vs Illinois, and Georgia vs Oklahoma State! 

     I'll start off with my favorite game BYU vs Oklahoma this game will be played at a neutral site in Texas and will be televised on ESPN.  I know that my friends with in the Rocky Mountain Range know that I am pulling for a Sooner win and my gentile friends in the Sooner State probably assume that I am going to be cheering for the for the Stormin' Mormons but at the risk of sounding apostate I think that Max Hall will fold like a beach chair in a rain storm just like he did any time the Cougars played any team that was worth a dime!  Honestly, look at his stats against the U and against TCU and compare that to lets say Wyoming or UNLV.  He can't handle the pressure!  But, who knows he is a year older now and I guess we'll see...NO WAIT I am sticking with what I originally said LONG LIVE THE SOONERS!!!

     BIG GAME IN THE BIG CONFERENCES Missouri vs Illinois are to play at 2:30 on the 5th in St. Louis.  The Tigers are not the same team as they were last year, but we'll see how Mizzuo can do with out their "OVERRATED" Quarterback Chase Daniels, and go to wide out Jeremy Maclin.  Keep in mind that the fighting Illini still have Juice Williams at QB and the explosive receiving corps and returning a stud running back committee.  Shoot I think they might even beat Ohio State this year.  (Just kidding for the exception of Michigan and Joe Paterno I don't think that anyone can beat the Buckeyes with in the BIG TEN)  

     Oregon and Boise State actually this game is to be played on Thursday the 3rd which is good because then they don't have to compete with anyone for attention that day.  Last year those of the Smurf Turf beat the mighty Ducks 37 to 32 in Eugene Or.  But to honest Oregon was having Quarterback issues at the beginning of the season so this could prove to be a very exciting game to watch.

      At the same time as the Missouri Illinois game on ESPN will be the Cowboys of Oklahoma State and the Bigdawgs of Georgia on ABC.  I know that this sports fan will be flipping between the games this Saturday afternoon.  Does anyone recognize the name Kendall Hunter?  I'll give you a hint he was the leading rusher in the BIG 12 and he is fast, really fast.  Dez Bryant is a stud and did you know that Zac Robinson can throw for over 3,000 yards and run a 4.5 forty.  Georgia on the other hand will be missing what is that Quarterbacks name I think Matt Stafford...yeah he will be gone and do you remember Knowshon Moren yeah he's gone too.

     In closing it is going to be a rad week of play and I encourage everyone ever where to load up on chips and root beer claim your spot on the couch and enjoy the opening week of COLLEGE FOOTBALL!   


Ben said...

Good to see you are back!

Jolayne said...

Seriously Podge, you are my favorite sports writer! You should really consider a career in sports. You'd be great! I'm stoked to see you getting pumped about football! I'm SUPER stoked and I can't wait until that blessed day... September 9! Oh yeah! I want to try and go down for the game. How freakin rad would that be?! But seriously, great blog. And I agree with Ben, good to see you back!

Quinn the Eskimo said...

Man this made me prematurely excited.
Calling the new Cowboys stadium a "neutral field" for the OU vs. BYU game is kinda like calling the Orange Bowl a neutral field for Florida vs. Oklahoma.
I'm pulling for the Cougs but I do think the Sooners will take them, I'm mostly hoping for a good game.
Oklahoma State is going to be incredible this year. I don't know what they have on D, but I think their offense will be as good if not better than Texas Tech was last year. They did lose that one tight end, but I think they should rip Georgia apart.