Monday, June 22, 2009


You may remember Greg Paulus as a three year starting point guard at POWERHOUSE Duke.  The  6"1" baller will not be drafted into the NBA, but instead will go to one of Duke's basketball rivals and play some Quarterback for Syracuse.  

When I first heard about this kid's ability to play football I was SUPER IMPRESSED!  I mean to be named Gator-Aid's Player of the Year, to have a 42-3 record as a starting quarterback in high school and to finish his Sr. year at 13-0, and then decide not to accept scholarships to play basically anywhere he wanted to go, but instead he decides to go to one of the most prestigious basketball programs in the nation and kick it with guys like Coach K that is how sport legends are born.

Here are some other names of athletes who played in multiple sports:

1) Of course everyone remembers Bo Jackson!  Bo knows football, Bo knows baseball... and Cooking?  Bo don't know that!  This stud running back for the Raiders also played Left Field  and DH for the Royals, White Sox, and the Angles.  (Quick side note do you remember the Big Hurt #35 Frank Thomas?  Yeah, he was also the starting Full Back at Auburn  blocking for yep you guessed it the running back Bo Jackson.)

2) Prime Time Neon Deion Sanders!  So Deion what's it gonna be offense or defense? Both! football or baseball? Both!  The Niners or the Cowboy's? Both!  Prime Time himself is the first athlete to start a professional football game and be in the starting line-up for a professional baseball game all in the same week. 

3)Michael Jordan? Yeah remember that one year when everyone found out about his gambling habits?  Yeah the basketball commissioner kept it quiet because of Jordan's ability  to market the NBA world wide.  Many assume this was a year suspension cleverly covered up by a sudden desire to play baseball.  They even made a movie to show how much his dad loved baseball.  Remember that little blurp at the beginning of Space Jam?

4)Lebron James was heavily recruited to play wide receiver for the Vols, so who knows perhaps some day he will strap on the shoulder pads again.

Ok I am way off the topic now back to Gregory.  What a stud!  We'll see if he can win a starting position for the Big Orange.  Coach Marrone hasn't made any promises of Paulus's chance to start but with Syracuse passing yards per game being ranked dead last in Division I schools and in passing yards per attempt also ranking in last place I don't think they are too picky on who they get to throw the ball.   


Jolayne said...

Okay... Football season is almost here and I am less than thrilled that you have not pumped me up yet! GET THE INTERNET!!! I needs me some Wayne Madden!!! Dun dun dun dun DUN! (I think we all know how that sounds!)

Ben said...

I thought you would have said something about the up coming BYU vs OU game. I have a little contest for you. I will e-mail you about it. Later

Ben said...

It is week 4 of the college football season! How many post have you done this season? As a "Wayne's Wild World of college football" fan I am extremely disappointed.