Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bla ha ha take that Rich!



                                                                                                So, it superdawg cracked me up that the Spartans of Michigan State beat the 22nd ranked Michigan Wolverines by 6 points.  I have never really had a major beef with the Wolverines in fact I kind of like them, but Rich Rodriguez...I don't know...There is just something about his face...I just don't like him much!  Maybe its because he is Mexican?  (Latin American)  I don't think so, because my mom is half (Latin American.)  I think it has more to do with the fact that I think he's a douce.  I didn't like the way he left his Alma Matter at West Virginia.  Don't get me wrong if I was him I would love to take over a legendary program like Michigan, but man he's just such a tool!  I loved it last year when the Wolverines went 3 and 9 last year.  I could only laugh when he blamed the piss poor season the fact that he wasn't able utilize "the type of players" for his style of play.  His style of play is not hard to figure out, he spreads out the defense and takes a speedster like Pat White or Tate Forcier and then tell them to pass if they are open or just run it you can choose.  (Yeah, a football genius) In the last 5 games he has only racked up 622 passing yards.  I am not here to rag on Tate Forcier or The University of Michigan I just find it interesting that after Rich left WVU Pat White told ESPN how much better it was with Bill Stewart not always yelling them and ruling with a Machiavellian style of coaching.  Don't forget the student athletes at Ann Arbor who transfered because they didn't like Rich.  Anyways, even though he has experienced success on the football field I enjoy it when he also feels failure on the gridiron.  So, in closing naner naner your probably going to drop out of the top 25.          

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Joe said...

OU lost again. Didn't know if you knew that.