Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can We Have Two BCS BUSTERS This Season?

I believe the answer is no. So, if I am right and only one Non-BCS school is invited then how is the BCS going to determine who is more deserving?  We have Boise State who beat Oregon 19 to 8 and the Ducks are currently the number one team in the Pac-10.  We have TCU who have played two BCS schools who are having less then good years, although Clemson did just defeat the number 10 ranked Miami, and the Hornedfrogs just beat the number 16th ranked BYU.  So, by beating a number 16th ranked team does that justify the number 8th ranked TCU jumping over #7 Iowa, #6USC, #5 Cincinnati, and number 4 Boise? Now is it fair for the BCS to drop Boise to a lower ranking the TCU?  The only ranked team that Boise has beat was the Mighty Ducks who as previously mentioned is leading the Pac-10 and currently ranked #11 in the nation and the only ranked team that TCU has beat was the 16th ranked Stormin' Mormons in Provo and two un-ranked BCS schools.  So, how is the BCS algorithms going to determine who is more deserving of the higher ranking and a prestigious bowl bid?  Clearly, if TCU beats the number 18 Utah then there are two ranked win's for TCU as opposed to the one ranked win Boise has over Oregon.  But, if Oregon wins the Pac-10 then shouldn't that carry some weight seeing how BYU and Utah aren't apart of a BCS Conference?  This is CRAZYNESS and all of this can be fixed by a simple play off to determine a true National Champion.  Every game will still count because everyone will be fighting for a play off spot.  Anyways, last year was fun talking about the three way tie in the Big 12 and I hope that both TCU and Boise State continue to give logical reasons as to why they deserve a BCS Bowl.  And, I am sure that the NCAA Football Program will continue to always give us examples of why this current system doesn't work like it was promised "to give us a true National Champion."  (Not that I am saying that any mid-majors can actually be The National Champion, but it's nice to atleast give them the occasional shot.)     

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