Thursday, October 29, 2009

The BCS is as Simple as A Stop Light. The Computer Knows What's Best

With Tony Pike out... who cares the Bearcats are just as good with their back up!  In Cincinnati the Bearcats are reeking havoc in the Big East!  Honestly, their only real test this year was when they beat the 21st ranked at that time South Florida.  But, keep in mind that the South Florida Bulls beat Florida State of the ACC who beat BYU who beat The University of Oklahoma who lost by only three points to the third ranked Texas.  So, in a round about BCS way the Bearcats are totally legit.  If these guys win out as well as Texas and Iowa then we'll have some major argumentation over who is going to play the SEC Champ for the National Title.  If Texas goes undefeated in the Big 12 then only ranked teams that they beat were at the time 20th OU and this week the 14th Oklahoma State.  If Iowa wins out then there only ranked wins would be at that time the 5th ranked Penn State and in the upcoming weeks 17th ranked Ohio State.  As previously mentioned the Bearcats have already beat one ranked team they also have the current 21st ranked West Virginia and the 15th ranked Pittsburgh coming up on their schedule.  So, as of right now if nothing changes in the BCS (yeah right) then the Bearcats of Cincinnati will have defeated more ranked teams then Texas and Iowa.  But, Penn State was ranked in the top 5 and lost by 11 points.  To be honest with you this is ridiculous to sit here and speculate over who is more deserving to play Bama or the Gators in the National Championship game.  And who's to say that they deserve to be crowned an automatic National Title Bid?  The only ranked wins that Florida has was over then the 4th ranked LSU and that was only by ten points.  If nothing changes the only other ranked opponent is South Carolina at 22.  Alabama on the other hand will have 4 top 25 ranked wins.  Good for them : ) BCS speaking does that mean that technically that Alabama is the best team in the NCAA? No, thank goodness for a SEC championship game to weed out who will be going on to the National Championship Game.  According to this BCS theory we really don't need a championship game... Right?  We know who will win because of the strength of the schedule and nevermind the fact that teams get better as the season goes on.  And that sports fan's is reason one thousand three hundred fifty seven of why we need a play off system.    

PS. If your wondering why I didn't throw in Boise State or TCU in the mix with the other undefeated teams the answer is simple they're really not apart of the NCAA 


Joe said...

Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

I'm not a fan of the BCS, but come on. If TCU goes undefeated can you really argue that their top 5 wins are any less impressive than that of Iowa, Cincinatti, or even Texas, Florida, and maybe even Alabama?
It's not their fault that San Diego State, UNLV, New Mexico and Wyoming are always bad. Maybe if the Mountain West was guaranteed as much money from the BCS each year as the ACC and the Big East for qualifying a 13th ranked Bearcats and an 18th ranked Hokies team for big money bowls, then maybe the bottom feeders in the conference could recruit real talent as well.

wayne bass said...

No, you can't argue that... The fact that we have to argue can be reduced greatly if we had a play off...That was the entire point of my analyzation

Joe said...

I'll get you Wayne Bass!!!