Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If Blount why not Bryant?

Ok I am sure that everyone who saw the Boise Oregon game on September 3rd and saw the Oregon Running Back hit that number 94 player from Boise after the game.  Ok, first of all I really don't think it was a cheap shot... I think that number 94 turned as Blount was winding up, or say I don't think that he was thinking oh he's not looking now I'll hit.  I think he just got pissed that that number 94 wised off.  Then he flips out of what looked like steroid rage and then after he got calmed down young fans began to taunt this clearly unstable young man and the Blount moves to attack the fans.  I feel that number 94 was planning on being able to say what ever he wanted to and then hide behind the sporstmanship shield (I'm not saying that he would run from a fist fight with Blount but he felt protected) and those fans felt that they can do whatever they want to do and hide behind the fact that they are fans just like the idiot who threw a beer at Ron Artest .  Am I trying to defend LeGarrette Blount?  No, I think he was wrong for what he did, and I would have kicked him off the team.  I am sure that you are probably thinking why am I talking about this like 5 or 6 weeks after the matter?  It's because they are probably going to let him back into play.  You know what?  I am ok with that because I am all about forgiveness and moving on, and I am not sure but I think that this is the only real black mark on his record.  He has already set out for a while and really has little to no shot at winning any post season awards.  I don't know if you remember but his name was floating around as a possible Heisman Candidate.  Anyways, the reason I started writing is because Dez Braynt has already set out for two games because he wasn't entirely truthful with the NCAA about his visit to Deion Sanders house.  If LeGarrette is going to be able to play after his post game shenanigans then let Dez Bryant play as well... I don't know I think one is way worse then the other.    

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