Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arkansas Shouldn't be Winning!

So, with the number one ranked Florida Gators on the verge of loosing its first game of the season to the unranked Arkansas Razorbacks it was time for the twelfth man to step up and take charge.  No, Texas A&M were not talking about the fan's but the brave men who wear Black and White.  Yes, thank you Mr. Referee for making it possible for Tim Tebow to engineer a comeback victory in Gainesville.  You are probably thinking "Wayne Bass you talk crazy." Wayne Bass only talks the truth.

Exhibit A-With about eleven minutes in the third quarter with the score Hoggs 10 Gators 3 it was 4 and 22 and the Gators decide to go for the field goal.  This would be a personal best for Calab Sturgis at 51 yards out, shattering his old record of 37 yards.  The play clock runs out and about a second latter he kicks a field goal making a 4 point game.

Exhibit B-An extremely controversial defensive pass interference in the fourth quarter.

Now I know that you are probably thinking bad calls are just apart of the game it happens in every game no matter the sport, and a bad call alot of the time depends on what color your wearing.  I can't agree with you more, but when that unsportsman like conduct was called in the fourth which the SEC said in not so many words a being a bogus call.  Anyways, that call put the Gators on the 10 yard line and made it first and ten I really couldn't help but "think give me a break."  That set up the tying score.  Whatever, I feel that Fayetteville got screwed, but it happens.  So, Alabama jumps ahead of Florida in the AP Polls, but who cares what the AP Polls have to say.      


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wayne bass said...

The picture is just another example of the 12th man stepping up