Saturday, November 28, 2009

Boise and TCU

So, I was texting with Mr. Thome about Boise State getting one step closer to a BCS Bid with Oklahoma State losing to Oklahoma.  But, you need to keep in mind that if Nebraska can upset Texas in the Big 12 championship then that means that both Nebraska and Texas will go to a BCS Bowl, but that's not all that needs to happen because. 

Both Alabama and Florida will go.  

In the Big 10 we'll have Ohio State and Iowa going.  

In the ACC Georgia Tech will go and Clemson might go if the Tigers win the ACC championship game.  

In the Big East we have Cincinnati going and with the lost of Pittsburgh to West Virginia thus making them both 4 and 2 in conference play which pretty much means that only one representative will be invited to a BCS Bowl.

In the Pacific 10 we currently have the Mighty Ducks leading the flock.  But, if the Beavers of Oregon State win tonight then that means that both teams of Oregon have two losses in conference play.  And, if the conference champ has the same conference record then in theory both teams should play for the Big Bowl.

So, if each BCS Conference sends two representatives then that means that there would be twelve teams going to the 5 major bowls.  Since that can't happen... Here's my projections for the BCS Bowls this year.

Fiesta Bowl: Iowa vs. Clemson (if they win the ACC Championship) then Nebraska (if they win the Big 12) then Boise State (if both of the afore to mentioned teams lose their conference championship game  

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Cincinnati 

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. TCU

Rose Bowl Ohio State vs. Oregon

National Championship: Texas vs. Alabama      

It's funny that in a season which has been well boring yet it still has produced some controversy.  The point of this blog is that its a headache to decide who who is more deserving of a BCS Bowl.  I know that I come from a part of the world which greatly benefits from the current system, but there are still some kinks which need to be worked out.  I know that not everyone would be able to participate in a play off, and some teams will feel they were cheated a shot at the national title, but there would be less whining.  

I understand the arguments against a play off is that it 
1)makes the season too long
2)makes the regular season less intense 
3)creates less money
and can anyone else think of any other reason why a play off wouldn't work  


Quinn the Eskimo said...

Before I get into an in-depth analysis on the possibility of a college football playoff. Let's talk about Georgia Tech. NO WAY IN HELL they play in a BCS game if they lose the ACC championship to Clemson. No way a big money bowl would feature a team that lost their last two regular season games to a 9-4 Clemson team (who lost to Maryland, TCU at home, and was blown out at the end of the season by South Carolina) and a 7-5 Georgia team that BARELY slipped by Arizona State at home. The ACC runner-up is not getting in with 3 losses and certainly not with 5.
Also I'm not convinced that Iowa gets in over Penn State. I'm not saying Joe Pa's crew gets it for sure, but I think they have a chance.
Also I think Oregon's out if they lose to Oregon State. I can't see any justification for taking any 3 loss team that doesn't win their conference.

Quinn the Eskimo said...

by "regular season games," i meant their last regular season game and the ACC championship

wayne bass said...

I wrote this blog before Georgia beat #7 GT. At that time Georgia Tech had only one loss. And, I am pretty confident that if the Bulldawgs had lost to GT and if they went on to lose the ACC then yes Clemson would get their automatic bid and the 11-2 Tech would go also. But, like I said I wrote this before they lost to Georgia.

And plus I was pointing out how difficult it's going to be to get TCU and Boise State in a BCS Bowl. Simply because, of the system we currently have.

wayne bass said...

also can you think of any other logical reasons of why a play off wouldn't work

Quinn the Eskimo said...

sorry man, your whole scenario would've made sense had GT and Clemson taken care of business in their last games. having been a huge opponent of the bcs the last few years, i am beginning to see how difficult it would be difficult to implement a playoff. the only proposal i've seen so far that wouldn't leave out deserving teams is a 16-team playoff:

i think a 4-team or 8-team playoff would leave out too many teams with good arguments on why they should be in