Monday, December 29, 2008

Well, it has seemed like an eternity since I had last wrote on my blog concerning College Bowl Pick’em. I would like to apologize to all my fans for my lack in writing over the holiday season, but keep in mind that I have been keeping updated on the bowl series this year and so with that said… Picking up from where I left off last. On December 21st the Trojans of Troy State had cost me 25 freakin’ points by losing 27-30 to Southern Mississippi. Oh well!
Central Michigan lost me 13 points against Florida A&M
Surprise Suprise Norte Dame beat Hawaii which coast me 10 points
North Carolina almost pulled of 6 points for me in the Meineke Bowl but I should have known better then to bet against Pat White
Texas Christian did get me 21 points by beating Boise State
I was getting kinda tired of the WAC losing me all these points and since I really didn’t care about this bowl I changed my vote from Louisiana Tech and by Golly they won so I missed out on another 14 points
Guess who is the Best in San Francisco this year at the Emerald Bowl? I’ll give you two hints #4 and Golden Bears that’s right Javhid Best beat the University of Miami and got Wayne Bass 12 points
It’s funny back in high school I HATED Florida State with a passion! Seriously, I was so sick of hearing about them all the time. But, now… not so much (funny huh) Anyways, the Seminoles got me 17 points by giving Wisconsin a good ole fashion wood shed butt whooping. Wahoo Go Noels! (Side note the Big-10 conference has not yet to produce a winner in this bowl series) (Another side note it’s kinda funny how you can make any stat look more impressive then what it really is.) (Last side note it’s funny because Wisconsin is the only Big-10 school that has played so far.)

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QPFM said...

and after starting like 1-5 or something like that, i've somehow jumped into 1st place. i doubt it will last, i've already played more big points games than most, but i can't help but bask in the moment.