Saturday, January 3, 2009

So, with this year's bowl season winding down I am sad to say the the Big-12 is not undefeated Oklahoma State and Texas Tech has lost!  I am not going to lie ESPN is really bothering me by talking about how the Big-12 has been overrated this year.  WHAT!  Overrated?  Because our 3rd and 4th teams lost please, both those games big name players received injuries.  Names like Dez Bryant and Michael Crabtree!  For crying out loud people the best defense is to have a great offense out on the field.  If you can control the clock then you limit the amount of snaps the other quarterback takes.  The less snaps he takes then that limits your opponents chance to score.  And, taking away heavy hitters like Bryant and Crabman allows defenses to focus more on other aspects of the game because your deep threat has been taken away.  I mean honestly what do you think would have happen if Michael Jordan randomly got hurt during the NBA finals.  Is it possible that The Jazz could have won a championship?  Now, I don't want to play the What If game but I don't want the Big-12 to be dumped on because two teams have lost games. 

The Pac-10 is 5 and 0 this Bowl Season and the "experts" are saying that perhaps we have been too hard on them this year.  I am not going to lie going undefeated is great and getting half the conference in a bowl is also impressive but lets take a look at who they beat.  We'll start off with the University of Arizona.  They beat BYU but on paper shouldn't a BCS school beat the third ranked Mountain West school.  Cal, they had a struggling go around this year and they beat Miami from the weak sauce ACC.  This is seriously not the Atlantic Coast year, their conference champ was like 5-3 this year and so many other schools deserved to be in a major bowl instead of them.  Oregon...We already talked about them.  Oregon St. vs Pitt the score was 3 to 0 wanna talk about a boring game.  USC winning the Rose Bowl just goes to show how weak the Big-10 really is.  Now, I am sure that there are those who are reading this and saying Whoa Wayne Bass how come when the Big-10 losses a big game it shows how weak there conference is but when the Big-12 loses two bowl games the Big-12 is still ok.  I explained earlier about how losing key players affects the game and besides they didn't get man handled like Penn State did.

Congratulations to the University of Utah for winning their second BCS Bowl.  I really didn't think it would have happened but I wanted it to so on college pick em' I picked em' and they got me like four points


QPFM said...

I'm also just picking the teams I want to win. I only got 1 point for Utah because I didn't think they really had a chance. Funny how you and I have the same method and we've been in the top 3 the whole time.

QPFM said...

I do think the Pac 10 is better than we thought they were this year, but I don't think you can base the strength of an entire conference on whether they win or lose their bowl games.
Also I think the Mountain West deserves an automatic BCS bid. I think Utah and TCU could've beaten any team in the ACC or Big East and possibly the Big 10 (not sure if TCU would beat Penn State)
This has nothing to do with the SEC or Big 12, or even the Pac 10.
But the Mtn. West proved this year that they can create some of the top teams in the nation without getting all the money for recruiting that the "major" conferences have received for playing in BCS bowls every year. Illinois in the Rose Bowl last year to "preserve tradition?" What a joke.