Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, the Oklahoma Sooners are headin' to Florida tomorrow for the third time this year to play on a neutral field which conveniently enough is the home state of the opponent. Dag Gum I'll tell you what I would give anything for a big win for the Sooners. To go on a 4 year BCS Bowl losing streak SUCKS MAN! But, I don't know something tells me that they are going to win big tomorrow. I am not sure if it's inspiration or desperation but I think they are going to win! I've bet all 34 points that the Sooners are gonna do it! 64 to 28 is what I think the final score is going to be. Even with injuries which seem to plague OU I don't think will hender them too much, so maybe I should change my pick to 57-34. Meh what's done is done. Did I mention that I am number one in College Pickem'

The above photo was an actual billboard in Texas and yes it is true OU has had it's fair share of problems with the NCAA. But, that was due to decades of NCAA infractions finally coming down on us. But honestly what else would you expect bored oil men to do with their money. I think Texas is just jealous

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QPFM said...

Texas? Jealous? Shoot, they just beat OHIO STATE! (by a whopping 3 points)I don't think anybody could beat the Longhorns (oh yeah, Texas Tech)