Saturday, December 13, 2008

Slinging Sammy B. Win’s The Heisman

Sam Bradford of Oklahoma is the 5th Sooner to be named the best college athlete in the nation. With Bradford’s Heisman win Oklahoma stay’s in the number two spot for most Heisman Trophy recipients. The number one spot belongs to Norte Dame, Ohio State, and USC with 7 named winners. Sam now ranks with running backs Billy Vessels, Steve Owens, Billy Sims, and is the second quarterback to be named behind2003’s Jason White. Let’s get to know the Heisman Candidates . We’ll start with the runner-up Tim Tebow of Florida. Tim has thrown for 2,515 yards for 28 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. What makes him impressive is the fact that he has rushed for 564 yards and has 12 touchdowns on the ground this has made him a serious candidate this year. Tim’s total yards this year is 3,790 and 40 touchdowns with two interceptions. Finishing number three in the Heisman race is Texas very own Colt McCoy. Colt has thrown for 3,445 yards this year and has had 32 touchdowns with 7 interceptions. Just like how Tim is known for his rushing abilities Colt is no exception with 576 yards on the ground and 10 rushing touchdowns, and that my friends equals out to 4,021 of total . Not a bad season boys but let’s focus our attention on the one who won the award.
Sam has thrown for 4,464 yards adding up 48 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Sam doesn’t have the same rushing stats as the previous two quarterbacks this year but Sam does have 65 rushing yards and 5 Touchdowns on the ground which adds up to a grand total of 4,529 yards and 53 total touchdowns. The Oklahoma Sooners are not only the highest scoring team in the Nation this year but in history by scoring 702 points with 7,307 yards of total offence. Last year Sam set a record for throwing 36 touchdowns. That is more touchdowns than any other freshman in College Football History. If your reading Sam congratulations on the Heisman, and good luck on the third game this season played on a NETURAL FIELD which is in the home state of your opponent.

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