Saturday, December 20, 2008

College Bowl Pick'em

College Bowl Pick'em started back in the early 60's with Bud Dudly pictured on the left hand side of Coach Dale Watson. Bud and The Coah both had wives who didn't enjoy their husbands losing Christmas money on College Bowl games, so it was about then that they realized how they could make money on other people gambling on college football. This seemed more reasonable then gambling their own money. (Which they weren’t very good at.) So, thanks to the nagging of their wives they had developed College Bowl Pick’em. And, now you know the rest of the story.
Well to be honest I was real hesitant to join College Bowl Pick’em this year. My reasons are personal and I thank you very much for not prying into my personal life. Let’s just say that last year I didn’t pick who I wanted to win but I picked who I thought would win, and I was going nuts. (For those of you who remember I came in second place last year when in the National Championship Game Brent Cook bet more points for LSU to win then I did and that put him up by two points for the win) This year I just pick who I want to win. Thus, keeping the game I love pure, unlike what Fantasy Football has done for me in the NFL. My team name this year is I just pick who I want to win. Keep in mind sport fans that this year Wayne Bass is not playing to win. I’ve put in this disclaimer because some of my picks do not appear to be the most logical pick, and as far as how many points I’ve awarded for certain games…Don’t worry about it I have a system all right!

In the first round of the Bowls this year I received 33 points by betting on Wake Forest to beat Navy

I was awarded no points for Fresno who is a City not a State losing to Colorado State I bet 27 points on that game.

South Florida had won me 5 points for blowing out FREAKIN’ Memphis 41-14 I should have known better

I wanted to see Mike Stoops win his first Bowl game as the Head Coach at the University Arizona but due to family pressure I changed my 11 point pick to BYU 30 mins. before Kick-off. Close to the same thing happened last year with BYU and UCLA and it turned out good for me then, so I thought why not! Honestly, I really don’t care I would have been happy with either team winning. So, yeah I missed out on 11 points. But, congratulations to the Wildcats winning its first bowl game since 1998.


Amy Doll said...

Nagging wives have huge BCS bowl implications.

Q. Patrick Merrill said...

Now the NFL is fun again, no more fantasy points to worry about!

Jolayne said...

I hate you.