Monday, December 1, 2008

Be Careful Kiffin!

Lane Kiffin is named the new head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. That’s great! I wish him the best of luck! But, wasn’t he recently fired by a crazy owner for having a crappie season, and then he takes a job from a crazy Athletic Director who fired Phillip Fulmer for having a crappie season. Phillip Fulmer is a freakin' alumni from Tennessee and has served 13 years as a Vols assistant coach before becoming the head football coach. Fulmer who took the reins in 1992 has won two SEC championships, in 1997 and 1998, and a national championship in 1998. The Vols made three other SEC Championship game appearances in 2001, 2004, and in 2007. 2007 THAT’S FREAKIN’ LAST YEAR! LSU just barely beat them. Tennessee was just 7 points away from the National Championship game last year! And, I think just about anyone could have beat Ohio State. (Anyone outside of the BIG-10) Fulmer's winning percentage is among the top in the country for coaches who have over ten years' experience! Keep in mind that Coach Fulmer won the first ever BCS National Championship Game in 1998, and then HE gets fired for having a crappie season? I am just saying watch ya back Kiffin. I know that Lane Kiffin is no slouch. For crying out loud check out his wife! I mean he has to be a stud right? Besides Pete Carroll’s wife use to babysit little Lane back in Fayetteville, Ark, (He'sbeen around the sport for a while.) I like Fulmer and I like Kiffin, and I hate to see either do poorly. But, I don’t want to see Tennessee do well. Do you see my problem? Now, if I understand correctly this is just a year probation thing right? Ok, that would be cool if Lane has a good year and then he chooses to leave for a better program. But, how do you do better than Tennessee?
PS. A cool fun fact that my good friend Chris Berman shared with me is that Lane Kiffin is less than a year older then Tennessee Alumni Payton Manning

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