Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yawn kind of a boring week of college football

Well there were no in-state rivals, no big upsets, although Troy State from the Sunbelt had a 31-3 lead in the third quarter. Don’t get too excited Les Miles and his Tigers came back in the fourth and won 40-31. Notre Dame beat Navy which sucks because now Charlie Wise and his Fighting Irish are now bowl eligible. Wanna hear something funny? Notre Dame is a French word yet they are the Fighting Irish? Whatever. I was glad that the 19th ranked ACC Florida State lost to unranked Boston College. Speaking of losing to unranked teams, Wake Forest lost to an unranked NC State as well. Which is good because hopefully the Big East and the ACC champs won’t be ranked thus hopefully freeing up BCS Bowls spots for those who really deserve to be there. The Oklahoma State Colorado game was kinda exciting, so that was good. Other than that nothing really worth talking about.

PS. I am going to be really upset if the Pac-10 sends Oregon State and USC to a BCS Bowl and if Ohio State and Penn State send two as well.

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benkeamy said...

Notre Dame is the Fighting Irish because the press gave them that name because the team fit a lot of stereotypes about Irish people. And the third president of the school was a chaplain in a famous Irish brigade or something.

Fun fact, right?
I love being from Indiana.