Thursday, November 27, 2008

Am I Being Punked?

So, for those of you who had the privilege to watch the University of Texas make a statement by dominating the 4 and 7 Texas A&M then you also had the opportunity to meet Matt Parks. Matt Parks a student at the University of Texas who made a facebook group called 45-35. Matt also made 45-35 signs to remind the nation watching this gridiron rivalry that Texas had beat OU earlier this season and never mind what has happened since then but REMEMBER that Texas had won earlier this season. Texas fan’s let’s get real! Is it possible that a team can get better as the season goes along, isn’t that the reason for practice? PRACTICE! ARE WE TALKING ABOUT PRACTICE? Yes, because I feel that the University of Oklahoma has gotten better, since that one loss 7 or 8 weeks ago. We see that the Sooners are a better team because of the 65-21 shellacking over Tech. I just think that those of the Lone Star State forget that by scoring a touchdown in the last few minutes of the game to go up by ten is not an all out dominating performance! And, besides I have never heard of a Facebook group persuading the BCS computers.

Kristin Arnold of Texas wrote
since OU and UT are coming down to style points here:OU and Tech....66-28=38, Texas and A&M....49-9=40, 40>38now will the BCS vote this way? prolly not, but again proves how biased voters cant be in the BCS

Honestly? Texas is comparing beating the number two ranked team in the nation, (which happen to beat Texas) to beating a 4-7 team?
I also saw a lot of post about how Bob Stoops and the Sooners run up the score and Mack Brown in Texas plays with class and that is why Texas isn’t winning by 50, 60 points a game.

from espn blog
"I can't sit here and say we believe in sportsmanship and sit there and throw it every snap at the end," Brown said. "And if the difference in 49-9 and 56-9 is going to make the difference, the system is more screwed up than I think it is."

Keep in mind that Oklahoma averages around 40 points by half-time. And, then we have Mack Browns comment about sportsmanship and what not. I remember a couple of years ago Pete Carroll called off the dawgs earlier in the game and because of the point margin USC went from number one to the two spot. For the rest of the season he played the BCS game. It's sad but that is the BCS World in which we now live in. Besides if Bob Stoops was really trying to run up the score technically we could be winning by 80 some odd points. Anyways, the one thing I think we can agree on is that we need to see changes in the NCAA with the BCS

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