Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Recent Comment about my Boise Blog:

So how does it make you feel that the bronco's of boise of the "weak sauce" WAC beat your boomer sooners of the mighty Big 12? Yes I know this was two years ago but it is still relivant since they were in the same "weak sauce" conference. Just curious as to how you explain away that?

My Humble Rebuttal:

Ok the point of my Boise State Blog was not to bash on the Broncos, and the only reason I was blogging about it was because of their top ten ranking, and how aside from Oregon (who this year is less then impressive) Boise State has not played anyone worth bragging about. So, honestly who cares if you can run faster then all the slow kids, or who cares if you can go undefeated in the WAC. All I was saying was that Boise State joined the WAC at the right time because now they dont have to play BYU, Utah, TCU, and Tulsa. Imagine if those four teams were in their own conference with the equivalent of the weak sauce WAC teams. The 2006 Fiesta Bowl was brought up and it is true that two years ago David did beat Goliath. Boise State going to the Fiesta Bowl and winning was like the ugly chick getting asked to the prom, and then being crowned queen. (Honestly who'd of thunk it) And the fact that they did beat OU was the greatest thing that happened in Broncos history since the laying of the Blue Turf. Once again the point of my Boise Blog wasnt that Boise cant hang with the big dawgs on occasion like we saw in 06. My point was that the best thing for their program was the formation of the Mountain West.