Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why is Alabama ranked # 1?

So, ever since the formally number one ranked Texas Longhorns lost to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech the number one spot has NOT gone to the top ten ranked team that beat them!  But, instead it went to The University of Alabama.  Now, I agree Alabama totally deserves to be ranked number one.  I mean Nick Saban has lead his Crimson Tide to an impressive 10 and 0 season thus far in the second toughest conference in the NCDOUBLEA.  (That was meant to come across as a sarcastic tone.)  Now, on paper I will admit that it does look pretty impressive, but lets be honest they have not exactly been playing the toughest teams in the nation.  They did beat Georgia who was ranked number three at the time, but I think that we all can agree that the Bulldogs are not the team that we all once thought that they were going to be.  Speaking of false expectations the number nine ranked Clemson Tigers was a big win at the time.  At the time, it was pretty sweet but since then schools like Maryland, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Florida State have also shared in the honor of beating Clemson.   I don't know if you caught last weeks overtime win against the 15th ranked LSU Tigers led by Red Shirt Freshman Quarterback Jarrett Lee, but this young team went toe to toe with the number one ranked Alabama, and Bama ALMOST LOST!  Texas Tech on the other hand beat quite handily a very impressive top ten ranked Oklahoma State.  I mean BCS lets get real, what logical explanation can be given as to why Alabama is ranked number one.  

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