Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Mid-Night Ramblings of Wayne Bass

So, I was trying to go to sleep and my mind was caught up in heavy contemplation, and I just wanted to let everyone to know that I honestly have nothing against the Florida Gators. I think that Urban Meyer has a great team. I am sorry I kinda bashed on Tim Tebow I remember his freshman year when he was splitting snaps with Chris Leak and that one time when he jumped in the air did that pump fake thing and then threw a touchdown pass. That was cool! Although, I am not going to lie I was really disappointed when I saw him in an interview and he appeared to me as a prissy boy. (Not what I had imagined from a human battering ram) I guess not everyone can be as manly as Brett Farve. He did set the bar pretty high.
The main point of tonight’s blog is how could they sign another contract with the BCS that will extend this madness until like 2016? ( I think that’s the year.) There has been so much controversy, I will admit that it is better then what we had but it could be better. How is that you may ask? I will sum it up in one word PLAYOFFS. College Football is the only sport that I can think of that doesn’t have a play off to determine a champion. But, the argument is that it will extend the season to long, or the BCS Bowls bring in so much money. Ok if your worried about time then lets cut some of these non-conference games out, and there is a pretty good break between Conference Championship games and Bowl games. If you allow the Top 12 teams into the play offs. Or, you could only allow the conference champs in the play offs and give someone a first round bye. So, the first round of play offs would have six games going, second week three games, third week one game with one team receiving a bye and then a true National Championship game. The season already goes into January what’s one more week if needed? People talk about the money the BCS brings to the schools for scholarship and what not. I GUARAN-DANG-TEE-YA a play off would generate just as much if not more money. The hype for the games would be defiantly intensified, and I just don’t think that money is a viable argument. I agree with what the President Elect said at half time of the Redskin Steelers game, it is time for CHANGE. I don’t know about you but I have THE AUDACITY OF HOPE! And, remember America YES WE CAN!
PS- Remember like three years ago when number one Ohio State and number two Michigan wanted a rematch in the national championship game, and nobody outside of the Big-10 wanted to sit through that game again? If we had a play off then they wouldn’t have been pissing and moaning so much, shoot if they’d just play for the conference championship then they could have had their rematch. Not that it mattered they both lost quite handily their Bowl games. That’s right I am still laughing about it!


Ben said...

Did you see the latest BCS standings? They have Texas 2, Oklahoma 3, and Florida 4. I think that the BCS is a government conspiracy trying to control the national championship of college football. Who really knows how they come up with all those numbers.

wayne bass said...

Dude your right no one understands the BCS Formula and I think that they like it that way!