Monday, November 24, 2008

BCS = Beyond Common Sense

In recent times I have been elbow deep in researching articles trying to unravel the mysteries and randomness of this Rubik’s Cube known as the BCS. Brothers and sisters I am here to tell you that my prayers have been answered I have found an on-line article which has explained beautifully the capriciousness and the unpredictability the BCS.

BCS Picture Made Clearer By Pretending Certain Teams Don't Exist

November 20, 2008 NEW YORK—Faced with ongoing criticism of what many believe is a flawed system, representatives from the Bowl Championship Series assured college football fans Wednesday that the NCAA football title picture becomes much less complicated when one simply pretends certain teams do not exist.

"Yes, Boise State and Utah are undefeated, but if there are no such teams as Boise State and Utah, considering them for a national title shot becomes a nonissue," said David Frohnmayer, chair of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee, who acknowledged that many BCS voters already used a limited version of the technique. "Furthermore, if the University of Oklahoma is able to beat Texas Tech this Saturday, we are fully prepared to act as if there is no such institution as the University of Oklahoma, since if there were it would confuse the entire picture unnecessarily. And, as always, no matter what happens with the rest of USC's season, we will pretend that any team that comes between them and a BCS bid is imaginary." Concluded Frohnmayer, "The BCS works."

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