Friday, November 14, 2008

08 Heisman Hunt

The 2008 college football season has been an exciting one.  With just a few more weeks of regular season games the pick for the Heisman Trophy is anybody's call.  Leading the race we have WR Michael Crabrtee, QB Graham Harrell, QB Colt McCoy, QB Sam Bradford, and WR Jeremy Maclin.  Lets analyze their numbers, first we'll start with Texas Tech.  Of the Red Raiders who is more valuable the QB or the Receiver?  Graham Harrell has thrown for over 4,000 yards this year, has 36 touchdowns, and has only thrown five interceptions.  Wow!  Of those 4,000 yards over 1,000 of them has gone to Sophomore Wide Out Michael Crabtree.  Of the 36 touchdowns Graham has scored through the air exactly one half of them has been received by Crabtree.  So, who is more valuable Crabtree or Harrell?  For me my pick is well the coin landed on tails  so I  guess I am going with Sr. Graham Harrell.  
Lets head back east to talk about the Longhorns and Colt McCoy.  Colt's numbers through the air isn't as impressive as Harrell's but honestly who's numbers are.  Colt has thrown for 2,800 yards has 28 touchdowns, and he has 7 interceptions.  Not bad!  What makes him a serious Heisman contender is his pass rating of 180.27 and he has some serious wheels.  He has rushed for about 450 yards and has 7 touchdowns on the ground which is just three less than Tim Tebow.
North of the Red River where the real men play football we have the 6-4 Sophomore Sam Bradford of Oklahoma.  Sam had thrown 6 interceptions and has only been sacked 7 times.  He has a passing rating of 189 with over 3,000 yards passing and 38 touchdowns.  Sam is a dangerous weapon when he sets his tent up and camps out there in the pocket.  In my opinion the only reason Colt McCoy is ahead of this young man in the race is the same reason why Texas is ranked above the Sooners.  I am not arguing the BCS ranking I am just a little confused with the Heisman voters thinking. (I mean come on Sam's numbers are so much better then Colt McCoy)
Jeremy Maclin- Who cares?  His less then 1,000 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns is exactly half of Crabtree's touchdowns.  Now, I am not saying that he's not a great athlete because I think he'll do wonders in the Pro's, just like how he's done wonders at Mizzou.  I think he's a top receiver, but has no chance of winning the Heisman this year.  In fact why am I still even talking about him?
So, if the season was to end today my picks would be Graham Harrell (just because of the coin toss) Crabtree, Bradford, then Colt McCoy, and in fifth place I would rank last years winner Tim Tebow (who won by default)


Thome said...

I'm confused, in college do they have a different passer rating than the pro's cause in the pro's a perfect passer rating is 158.3? just wondering

wayne bass said...

In the Pro's they have a different formula then the NCAA.