Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bob Stoops to South Bend?

So, I have all but dismissed the notion that Bob Stoops would be leaving the Sooner State for Notre Dame, I have dismissed this because he said he would be back next year... Bob has always been very straight forward with the media in the past.  I think ever since Nick Saben I have hated it when coaches say they aren't leaving and then next week they leave.  It irritated me when Rich Rodrigzous did that same thing when he left West Virginia for Michigan, or Less Miles when he said that he wasn't leaving OSU for LSU and then he did.  So, how am I going to feel if Bob Stoops leaves after he straight out said that he is not leaving Oklahoma for Notre Dame?

A- I feel that it would serve those band wagon fans right who have been ripping on my boy Bob.  Have they forgotten what life in Oklahoma was like before he arrived?

B- I would feel a bit betrayed seeing how he said that he would stay and then left.  But, I would justify anything that guy does...

So, why am I thinking that this might be a possibility?  Well, I get e-mails called The Bleacher Report which keeps me updated on College Football and under the rumor section this guy writes an article stating that Bob Stoops has already signed a contract with ND and on Friday he will make the announcement.  

The only problem is that anyone can write an article on The Bleacher Report (it is no where near peered reviewed)... I have written a freakin' article that went out via e-mail to subscribers.  Here are the Pro's and Con's from Bob Stoops perspective.  


He's Catholic 
He's great at bringing stud programs back to being National Power Houses
He grew up in Iowa and Indiana is closer then Oklahoma is   
Under appreciated by a portion of Oklahoma sports writers and fair weather fans


His kids are at that age where moving is odd
His wife is a heavy hitter in the Mary Kay there in Oklahoma
He is the second highest paid coach in NCAA (before bonuses) 
ND expects to win just as much as Oklahoma
ND has fired the last 3 head coaches
It's not Oklahoma!

So, in closing I have no idea who this guy is who wrote this article that I read, but he say's that his brother is somebody important at Notre Dame, and that is where he got his information.  I still don't think that he is a very creditable source but non the less he claims that Bob Stoops will make his announcement that he's leaving on Friday or maybe Monday. 

PS. Keep in mind that no where else has this information about The Bob Move leaked out.  Just on Bleacher Report which as previously stated its like the Wikipedia of college football (anyone can be an expert!)  I can write just about anything football related and it will go through.  


wayne bass said...

I don't think it will happen. Bob Stoops, will be in Norman for many years to come :)

wayne bass said...

Well, its Friday afternoon and no word from my boy Bob. I just read an article on a credible website. ESPN.GO which outlined new candidates in their coaching hunt... Why would ND do that if Bob Stoops had supposedly already signed a contract

wayne bass said...

wayne bass said...

Yahoo! Cincinnati's Kelly is the next to get fired out of Notre Dame!