Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's the end of the season as we know it and I feel fine

Alabama did it!  And, they did it handily.  Holly Cow! 13 to 32 that is mad crazy!  That's what happens when Florida plays a crappy schedule, the second they play a real contender they fold up like a tin chair after an LDS potluck.  Seriously, the only ranked win this year came from LSU and they only won by 10.  Alabama on the other hand has had the most impressive schedule in the NCAA by beating 5 top ranked teams.   

We'll now I am perplexed about who I want to win the National Championship?  If Bama wins then they will have 8 National Championship wins.  And, that will put them one above Oklahoma who they are currently tied with for most National Titles since WWI.  But, if Texas wins then that would put us in a three way tie at 7.  And, Wayne Bass doesn't want Oklahoma to share anything with Texas... It's bad enough that Oklahoma has to share with Alabama. 

Anyways, I am glad that Tim Tebow isn't going to the National Championship game.  I was talking to Brent Cook earlier today and he made some great points.  1 Tim has only won one National Championship (In 2006 Chris Leak was the starting QB) 2. He only won the Heisman once which therefore means that Tim was just a great football player, instead of being crowned the greatest. 

So, it looks like Boise State fans will be getting their wish in obtaining a BCS Bid and they will face off with Iowa at the Fiesta Bowl

Rose of course we all know is Ohio State and The Mighty Ducks

Orange is Florida and Cincinnati (GO BEARCATS!!)

Sugar Bowl we got TCU and G.T.

Stay tuned next week for the only game being played the Army Navy game.  I really think that the game has lost its luster outside of the military realms.  But, seeing how its the only one played next week it would cool for traditions sake to watch.  

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