Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am going to be extremely disappointed if I don't get to read your cheat sheet Quinn

So ESPN just listed the Bowls for this year and as always me and the boys will be playing College Bowl Pick'em and here is my list. And, keep in mind that I am doing the same thing I did last year and just pick who I want to win instead of picking for the most part who I think will win.

USC over Boston College in the Emerald Bowl (I don't really care so I think the Trojans will win) Dec. 26th

Penn State over LSU the Capital One Bowl (I like Joe Pa' way the heck better then Less Miles) Jan 1

Miami over Wisconsin in the Champs Sports Bowl (I really don't care both conferences need a bowl win) Dec 29 

Ok State over Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl (I like Ole Miss and Houston Nutt but I got to be true to the Cowboy's) Jan 2

Pittsburg over North Carolina in the Meineke Bowl (Another Bowl I don't care about but I think Pitt will win) Dec 26

Oklahoma over Stanford in the Sun Bowl(Do I really need to explain?) Dec. 31 

South Carolina over UConn in the Bowl (I like Steve Surrier) Jan 2

Tennessee over V.T. in the Chick-fl-A Bowl (I like Lane Kiffin and I think the Vols have the better team) Dec 31

Nebraska over Arizona in the Holiday Bowl (I like Mike Stoops and I wish him all the success in the world but I will always root for the BIG 12 over the Pac-10 any day of the week) Dec. 30

Northwestern over Auburn in the Outback Bowl (For some reason I think that Northwestern is like my favorite team in the Big-10, I think Auburn has the better chance of winning so I think I'll only wager very little points on this game) Jan 1

Iowa State over Minnesota in the Insight Bowl (I think both programs are in need of some help but once again lets go Big 12) No date announced yet of when

Arkansas over East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl ( I live like just a little over half an hour from Fayetteville and my Stake Center is just with in a 5 to 10 min. drive to Hog Heaven...So, yeah I am pulling for a Razorback win)Jan. 2

Texas A&M over Georgia in the Independence Bowl (Once again this is a game that I am going to wager very little amount of points on.  Although, next year I think that A&M will be a force to be reckoned with, but right now I would say its pretty evenly matched up game) Dec. 28

Air Force over Houston in the Armed Forces Bowl (If I was to unite myself to the armed forces it would hands down be the Air Force so there for I will cheer for them) Didn't say when?

Rutgers over UCF in the St. Petersburg Bowl (I don't know why this is just what the spirit indicated to me)

Clemson over Kentucky in the Music City Bowl (I just think that Clemson has the better team) Dec. 27

Southern Miss over Middle Tennessee in the New Orleans Bowl (The coin landed on tails) didn't say when?

Troy over Central Michigan in the GMAC Bowl (When I was a kid I was on the truck with my dad and I think it was the first time I had saw a real college football stadium and I met a couple of players in the town, so ever since I have been a closet fan of Troy) Jan 6

Either Army or UCLA over Temple in the Eagle Bank Bowl (Years of playing College Bowl Pick'em has taught me that you always go against Temple)

Idaho over Bowling Green in the Humanitarian Bowl (That darn coin keeps landing on Tails) Dec. 30

BYU over Oregon State in the Las Vegas Bowl (I am a Mormon so yeah...)Dec 22


TCU over Boise State (TCU was just one Texas point away from a possible National Championship, so Boise fan's should feel great about the matchup. [Because they are playing one of the best teams in the nation] Before it was a win win for Boise State because if they lost then who cares they were the underdog anyways, but if they win then it give more strength to their argument that they can role with anyone.  They still can boast with a TCU win but they would be unable to play the we were the underdog card if they lose. I think this is a great match up and I really don't think that Boise State Fan's should feel gypped about this match up)Jan 4   

Cincinnati over Florida in the Sugar Bowl (I just like seeing Tim Tebow losing)Jan. 1

Ohio State over Oregon (I think both are good teams but I think the Buckeyes have the edge over the Ducks)Jan 1

Iowa over Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl (I really think that the Hawkeyes are legit this year)Jan 5


Texas over Alabama (refer to my last blog that I posted titled Its the End of the Season as We Know It)Jan 7

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