Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Pac and The Big Freakin' 10ish

So, to be honest when I first heard that these struggling BCS Conferences were sticking their noses around the Big XII hoping to revive the competition level in their conferences, I was a little more then irritated. But, when Nebraska commits to the Big 10 and Colorado goes to the Pac 10 I WAS PISSED! So, now the Big XII now has two openings in their north division.

What's going to happen will BYU and Utah replace them? Will Missouri be offered a spot in the Big 10 as many have predicted? If that happens who will replace them in the Big XII? Boise State? TCU? To be honest Noter Dame will probably join the Big 10 with the promise of Big TV Money and the Tigers of Missouri will probably not be invited, because ND doesn't want to share more of that afore mentioned Big TV Money. Honestly I would rather have ND instead of Missouri in my conference, and if it takes screwing Missouri to get ND in the Big 10 then so be it.

With Colorado going to the Pac 10 will OU, Ok State, Texas, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M follow and make it the Pac 16? If that happens then there will be an odd number of Automatic Qualifying Conferences thus messing up the BCS Bowls already in place. So, if the Oklahoma and Texas schools go to the Pacific 10 Conference then I think it's obvious the Mountain West will become an Automatic Qualifying Conference. They would probably have to drop a couple of the crappy schools and add the two Kansas Schools, Boise State, and maybe Missouri if they haven't already joined the Big 10.

All that I really do know is that this SUX! I hate Nebraska for leaving the Big 12 and Colorado piss on you too! What ever happens with the two Oklahoma and Texas schools. They will still be ok. I've been saying for a while how I hate that they don't play for the conference championship... We'll I guess those poaching conferences will finally have a conference championship game to play. Anyways, I'm not very pleased....What do you think? Should the Oklahoma and Texas schools move and kill the BIG XII, or should they take the two Utah schools?


Quinn the Eskimo said...

As messed up as the BCS and college football has been, these changes won't do anything to improve circumstances, and are really all about the Big 10 wanting more money and the Pac 10 not wanting to fall behind. But as an Idahoan, I think I'll like it if it means Boise St, BYU, Utah, and TCU all end up in major conferences as a result.

wayne bass said...

I think your right. I think that the Oklahoma and Texas schools will go to the Pac 10 and the Mountain West will bring Boise and the Kansas Schools and Missouri (if the Tigers aren't in the Big 10) I think as a result the MWC will be come a BCS Conference.